I know this might sound crazy but does anyone know of a soap/cream that has a Basil scent to it? My wife loves the smell of basil and thinks it is very masculine. This is not a joke. Please let me know if you know of any. Thanks!

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While not directly basil scent, give Mike's barbershop a shot. I think it's basil forward, pretty much no powdery scent. Others can chime in.

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Wickham Soap Company’s Cashmere soap has basil leaf as a scent component. I had the soap and sold it probably because of that very component. It just struck a wrong chord for me, but everyone else I have ever seen comment on it loves the soap. Also, that soap base is something quite special.

If you want an aftershave to go with it, Wickham also makes balms. And Chatillon Lux’s Clamorgan is another post-shave product that has a clear basil note in it.

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definitely agree with Matsilainen on the basil notes with Chatillon Lux's new Clamorgan. my wife doesn't like the scent, so I might end up moving mine.

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You might consider WK Man from Mayfair. It has notes of basil.

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Sapone di Paolo Agrume (lime & basil).

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Dr. Jons "Classic" has that kitchen spice vibe going on.

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Thanks for all the great replies!

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Doesn't West Coast Shaving have a basil soap?

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