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(09-17-2018, 04:13 PM)Marko Wrote: Good points CCity  and it makes perfect sense.  If you have limited time and resources you're going to spend them where and in the manner that you get the greatest exposure and the greatest potential for return.  I was in no way being critical of any artisans in my post above but was rather making an observation and because I am not active on FB or B&B or Reddit where those artisans may be more active, from my perspective they've dropped off the face of the earth.  I know they haven't its just I don't see their activity and yes, thats my choice and I can live with it.

Marko, I'm afraid that it's very much a matter of consolidation of resources. It got to the point where I was forced to withdraw from all but what I would consider my "home" forum (reddit) because the volume of communication simply grew beyond my ability to handle in any reasonable fashion. I do still read DFS often, though. Smile

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I am stepping away from all public-facing personal social media for some time. If you have any questions regarding Barrister and Mann, please submit them through the contact form on our website at https://www.barristerandmann.com/pages/talk-to-us

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Hey Will, thats completely understandable. I deal with a handful of daily communication now and even when I was working, my overnight inbox rarely got over 150 emails. I can't imagine the volume that you must deal with on a regular basis.

I've only looked briefly at Reddit and if I ever do decide to go over there on a more regular basis it will be to see whats going on with you and a few other artisans.


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I've got Nocturne on deck for tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. Despite having a tub of the original white label release, I haven't lathered it in a while. I really like the artwork on the label. Thanks Will.

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Yes indeed, Nocturne is as good as it ever was. I had an excellent shave with it this morning. I've been back to bowl lathering for the last few months after several years of face lathering. I started out a number of years back with a mug then a scuttle before I moved on to face lathering which to be fair, I think I was doing a little out of laziness - I found that I often would do the first pass with a proto-lather and wouldn't really get the lather dialled in until the third pass. After some frustration lathering B&M Reserve soaps I watched the video where Will demonstrated his Reserve lathering technique. Yeah right I thought (I'm a grumpy old man) I'm going to learn a whole new special lathering technique for this one soap. Well, I thought about it and then went out and got a Captain's Choice lathering bowl (which is pretty good but needs a bit more of a handle/knob IMO) and then set out to see if I could lather Reserve like Will in the video. Guess what? I could, so I started using that technique daily (adjusting hydration for the soap) and my lather has never been better across the board. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks Will.

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What do you think of the scent of Nocturne Marko?

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- Jeff

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(09-19-2018, 06:46 PM)wyze0ne Wrote: What do you think of the scent of Nocturne Marko?

I like it but when it was first released in 2013 it came out at the same time as Leviathan and Hallows. I don't consider it as good as those two. Its a fall scent with a slightly smokey undertone - depending on your nose it might me more than slightly smokey.

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I really like Nocturn. I think the smokiness fades a little throughout the day. It’s an apple cider scent that isn’t overly appley. It was one of my first B&M soaps. I have the old white label as well as one of the old paper wrapped refill soaps. I’m glad it made a comeback. It’s probably a soap that should make a return every few years. I like the occasional returns to some of the original offerings, but there also needs to be room for new stuff.

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