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I am a Bay/Bay Rum fan and I've been talking with hawns of Chatillon Lux for a little while now about a Bay / Bay Rum inspired Chatillon Lux creation and I think I've finally got to him. Shawn is willing to produce a bay inspired Chatillon Lux custom scent for me and as many of my DFS friends as may be interested in acquiring such a thing. Here is a very early idea of the scent in Shawn's words:
" It would probably be rum-free and not as heavy on the spices, since I'm more of a fan of the bay than the rest of it. I had thought about doing one with tea or something in place of the rum, sort of a teetotaller's bay rum, but haven't really gotten too deep into it yet."

Here's how I think it will probably work:
I will gauge interest in this project by the number of responses I get to this thread;
If the response is sufficient in Shawn's opinion, he will devise a pre-order mechanism so that everyone that wants the product will be able to order it (and pay for it);
Shawn will then set to work on the scent profile - its my view that we would just let Shawn loose with his formidable talents and imagination rather than try to direct his genius. Be aware that Shawn doesn't intend to use rum nor does he care for the Christmas spicy scents that some associate with Bay Rum.
Its my thinking that this Custom should at least initially be done in the Toner format so that it can be freely shipped to any destination on earth.

This is my first time trying to organize something like this so if anyone has any tips, advice or helpful suggestions, I am open to anything. hawns if you see anything here that is inaccurate or if you have anything to add, please weigh in. kwsher as a Mod and someone with experience in custom LEs, I would also welcome any input you may have - also I figure you would likely want some of this stuff.

So, if you're interested in acquiring some Chatillon Lux Custom LE Bay (not rum)inspired Post Shave Toner, kindly indicate your interest by replying to this Thread.

Thank You,

I posted this same message on the aftershave section last night and it got buried very quickly so I'm posting it again here.
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Though I might suggest something other (or more) than tea; Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny already does this. Just to be different.
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South Saint Louis, MO
(09-20-2016, 04:29 PM)BoarderPhreak Wrote: Woohoo!

Though I might suggest something other (or more) than tea; Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny already does this. Just to be different.

Honestly that was just off the cuff. I haven't even begin thinking about the scent profile yet, but it would definitely be more than just tea. Or perhaps not even tea. I have a sample of Anne Bonny, however, and while it's very, very, very well done, it probably wouldn't be in the direction I would want to go. So no worries there!
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(09-20-2016, 04:29 PM)BoarderPhreak Wrote: Woohoo!

Though I might suggest something other (or more) than tea; Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny already does this.  Just to be different.

Thanks for your show of interest, there are now 2 of us!! That is definitely a start.

That Bald Guy with the Big Beard
Bishop, CA
Make it 3! I haven't had the pleasure of using Chatillon Lux products yet, but this LE would be the right way to get me into it!
-Chris~Head Shaver~
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I'll be interested you can add me to the list.
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Excellent BadDad and fgeib07 ! This train is starting to gather speed so everybody better get on board Happy2

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Vintage Razor Fan
Southwestern NY
I would be interested in this project. A Chatillon Lux Bay LE? This is an absolute no brainer in my opinion! I already have and enjoy several Chatillon Lux products, so this sounds great!
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Restitutor Orbis
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You can always count on my support my friend. Sign me up!
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Aurelian28 and Blade4vor you are both on the list. Thanks for your interest. I'm very interested to see what Shawn comes up with once we get Project Bay rolling. Smile
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