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I consider them shedders if I lose more than a hair here and there once they are broken in.

I would disagree with the assertion that Stirling uses a low end knot. I think they work very hard to provide the best quality at the lowest cost. I have two of their Finest Badger brushes, which never shed.
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(01-04-2017, 05:33 PM)Marko Wrote: You're at 14 shaves on the brush and it loses 1-2 bristles every shave. I say its a shedder. If you're ok with that fine. I don't have a high tolerance for shedding brushes. Its not just picking a bristle off my face or off the brush that bugs me though, its the damn bristles that wash down the drain and build up to form a formidable clog. Badger and boar bristles are more substantial than most human hair. I try to catch any shedders before they go down the drain but I find it easiest just to use brushes that don't shed. I've gone through a few bottles of draino over the years since I've been wet shaving and I'll grant you that living with a woman with long blonde hair can contribute to drain issues but I've been married to that woman for 25 years and I've used more draino in the 4 years I've been wet shaving than in the 25 years we've been married. Thats my 2 bits worth.

Was thinking the same thing, Mark. I have had the same experience with a Virginia Sheng brush, and I know it's a shedder. I just don't use it, if I do, I use it on soaps that has vanillin. Good thing this brush was very inexpensive, otherwise it would be so frustrating.

To the OP, my Stirling shed probably once or twice since I had it for a few months now, it is excellent. That doesn't sound like normal to me.
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