Hello all!

Well I have more handles than I really need to I'd see if there was any interesting in trading this one.

The handle is from 2012 and has seen some action.

There is a scuff on the butt end that I tried my best to photograph with my iPhone.

The handle isn't perfect but functions very well.

Now for some pics.

[Image: 6ff0f5024bf77d8fba64ddfc367f9022.jpg]

[Image: ec7cf0feb7415f16788f12c5b3be3562.jpg]

[Image: 553e239c741be1f3a91b93593b9a1b44.jpg]

[Image: 5dcc81ee5eece290d6dbfe82792b39e3.jpg]

I'm not interested in software only hardware.

Not really sure what tho.

Thank you all for looking and please feel free to ask any questions.


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This one is gone.

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