primotenore I’d like to extend a public apology for my seriously poor analogy used in referencing the ideals of what should or should not be posted here. It was in poor taste. While I stand by my principle that open and free dialogue and debate on vendors, products, and their business practices, should be allowed here freely and openly, my analogy was in poor taste. Frankly at times, I think contentious dialogue here that has remained fairly civil, albeit heated, has been shut down simply because things got “heated”. To be clear, that is fully within the rights of the administrators of this forum which, I enjoy much.

In the last three years I went back and looked at numerous threads I have posted, the responses therein, and other “controversial” posts made by others. This idea we have to be “nice” all the time and agree all the time irks me. Further, the suggestion I was trolling by posting the content I did caused an illicit and over aggressive response on my part, which, was unnecessary and uncalled for. Again, I apologize. I would think anyone that has delved into my numerous post and pictures here over the last three years could clearly ascertain I am not a troll, a bad guy, and generally offer something of value to conversations here.

There are really bad soaps out there. There are jerks who are vendors. There are really bad customer service vendors out there. I was under the assumption the discussion of such matters were the very reason forums like this were created.

It seems to me, that every time things get heated here... threads get closed either prematurely or the people starting said threads get labeled trouble makers or trolls. I think that’s stereotypical at best, offensive at worst. The very reason said threads get started usually, at least here, is not to cause trouble but to express angst and frustration and usually, others have it as well.

As soon as the debate starts I hate this_________ and others chime in with I love this_______________ and people get passionate... it seems we digress into the ideal this thread needs closed, people are trolling, etc.

My actions and statement warranted what followed. The analogy was poor, my response was excessive and aggressive. This remains the best forum in terms of layout, connectivity with members, and is a generally awesome resource. It’s only gotten better over the last 3.5 years since I joined.

I apologize for my words and posts that were offensive. However, I stand by my assertion that every Wolfman thread or Phoenix/Douglas Smythe that gets contentious doesn’t need to get shut down simply because we aren’t all holding hands and it may get heated.

Apologies to all and Shave On.

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Well said and I agree.

- Jeff
Shave On Indeed

The Dark Lord of Wet Shaving
Amen!! and let's all get back into wet shaving in peace.

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