2019 DFS Movember LE - Viking Shaving Brush. Read more here!!

Kent is working now. It just wasn't meant to go live until Friday their time.
I really don’t need to be on this post. But I can’t help it.

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Shannon's Soaps is having a sale as well...looks like shaving soap is 15% off. Plus, her new Botanica is available

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Simpson is having for one day only half off faux ivory chubbies. I believe it doesn’t include Manchurian as that wasn’t priced down, or 2-band Silvertip. I did check a Chubby 3 best, and it totaled out to about 114 vs the 220 price I saw at WCS. Synthetic Chubby is said to be included. Double check the math and do some price comparison, but looks good to me.

As a side note, Simpson’s new Sovereign synthetic grade brushes made an appearance today.

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Georgetown Pottery has 20% off everything, today only. Use code BLACKFRIDAY.

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BLACK FRIDAY code can be used on the Saponificio Varesino website direct in Italy for 20% off your entire order (except the shipping rate). I just ordered a heap ton of body soaps for gifts this year!

Also got in on some of the deals at Italian Barber

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For me it seems to be synthetic week.

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Stirling has a sale going with scents they seem to only make this time of year. Gasoline-matches.
Maggard Razors still has a few Czech & Speake products 70% off. Slept in a bit and missed Cuba cologne. There are other items as well, but it was C&S that got me there.

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