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Meet The Alpha Spirit SE
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Guys - run #1 of the new Spirit SE razor is being machined as I write - ready to ship in 3-4 weeks. I will be offering 25 pieces for sale at A SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF $149.99 and that includes the razor stand. Email and social media announcements  will be made this weekend - sometime on Saturday and the pre-sale will go live immediately after those announcements go out. If you are on the email list you will get a notice!!.

The eMail list is here - SIGN UP HERE

Regular retail would be $169.99 for the razor and $34.99 for the stand

About Spirit SE
  • Material is 316L stainless Steel - brushed and passivated
  • The handle is 95mm long and 11mm in diameter.
  • Overall weight is 62 grams/2.2 ounces - among the lightest AC SE razors on the market.
  • Blade gap 0.90mm
  • Positive exposure - depends on which AC blade you use...
  • The Simple Razor Stand is included in this very special offer
  • Tested with the following AC style blades - that covers the whole range of AC blades commonly in use :-
    • Feather Professional
    • Feather Super Professional
    • Feather Softguard
    • Feather ProGuard
    • Kai Captain
    • Kai Captain Titan Mild Protouch
    • Pro Proshave-S
    • Schick Proline P30
Introducing the Spirit Single Edge Safety Razor. Crafted with precision and passion, this razor combines the traditional charm of a single edge safety razor with modern lightweight design, offering an unparalleled shaving experience. The Spirit has incorporated all of the Alpha DNA. It has an all new handle with some extra length at 95mm. It has wide a wide lather slot to die for, sloping away from the face to take that lather firmly offline. Most of all,  it is smooth shaving all the way. This razor truly is the Spirit of Alpha - Come On!! - Free Your Spirit - Free Your Shaves!!

[Image: img_1169-jpeg.1835804]

The Spirit razor is constructed using high-quality 316L stainless steel, renowned for its exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. Meticulously CNC machined, brushed, and passivated, this razor exudes a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. The result is a razor that not only performs flawlessly but also looks stunning in any bathroom setting. One of the standout features of the Spirit razor is its lightness and slimline design. Weighing in at just a fraction of traditional SE razors at 62g, this razor effortlessly glides across the skin, providing a smooth and comfortable shave. The slimline design ensures maximum control and manoeuvrability, allowing for precise shaving even in hard-to-reach areas.

The Spirit razor uses Artist Club style blades, renowned for their sharpness and longevity. These blades are easily replaceable, ensuring a consistently close shave every time. The razor's blade exposure and angle have been carefully engineered to minimize irritation and razor burn, making it suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

With the Spirit razor, shaving becomes a luxurious ritual. Its exceptional craftsmanship, combined with its lightweight and slimline design, offers a shaving experience secnd to none. Whether you are a seasoned wet shaver or new to the world of safety razors, the Spirit razor is sure to impress with its performance and elegance.

Embrace the Spirit razor and elevate your shaving routine to new heights. Experience the perfect balance of form and function, and enjoy the pleasure of a close, comfortable, irritation free, shave every time.

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This looks great! How does it compare to the Claymore? Also, where is this being manufactured?

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Alpha Shaving
Live at 12 EST - https://www.alphashaving.com/outlaw-de/alpha-spirit-se

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Alpha Shaving
12 minutes to go...

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(04-27-2024, 01:37 PM)evahs Wrote: This looks great!  How does it compare to the Claymore? Also, where is this being manufactured?

Hey Vlasta, I was wondering that myself since I love my Claymore Evo.

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Alpha Shaving
Both are great shaves. Spirit is lighter, more 'surgical'. Claymoe still stays firmly in the den.

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Ordered... now the Waiiitttt

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Alpha Shaving
(04-27-2024, 05:17 PM)bbssboss Wrote: Ordered... now the Waiiitttt


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Ordered ! Looks cool. Was sold on the large lather slot. Can't wait to try it!

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Alpha Shaving
Thank you!!!

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