Central Maine
I wish you well with it Phil. Unlike another who said this, I genuinely do feel your pain. It looks as though we're going to mostly miss out on the fun. As you can imagine I'm not going to miss having in on the fun. I'd be very surprised if it was a light fluffy snow. Everyone I talk to voices the same words... Enough is enough. I think it was those 2 weeks of springtime weather that we had that primed folks for warmer weather and no more snow.

Even though we'll miss this one there could be more to come. Tomorrow I'll gas up the plow truck and while I'm at it get 3 cans of off road diesel for the "anti-freeze" heater for the shop.

FWIW, it's been cold enough to run the wood stove. For the past 3 nights I've had it running. But I'm hoping that's it for the season. I don't think Mother Nature cares what I hope for. We can still get anything.
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