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Seattle, WA
With temperatures in the 70s, we went for a picnic and walk in Seattle's 534-acre Discovery Park. It was quite sunny, but there was a wonderful cool breeze off Puget Sound. There were a number of people strolling, but it did not feel at all crowded. We were able to find a bench in the shade, looking out at the Sound and the Olympic mountains through maple trees and salmonberry bushes, for our picnic lunch. Another day of feeling blessed.
[Image: LROe8Xr.jpg][Image: 5w8mXbF.jpg][Image: TBTTeqt.jpg]
[Image: 4M4GUaH.jpg][Image: MFgRN4C.jpg][Image: QUMpJik.jpg]

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San Diego, Cal., USA
I love days like that, John, when everything just falls into place. Beautiful!
Beautiful photos. Transported me there for a moment.

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Agreed about the beautiful day, John. Discovery Park is another great suggestion. I’m pleased to hear you were able to avoid the crowds. Given how often my two young adult boys report how often they visit the park, I pictured a UW frat party...

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