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It was a beautiful day here, in the mid-70s, and my wife is starting to feel the pressure of impending Fall and Winter, which she hates, so we got out for a bit of an outing today. We went first to the West Seattle Honey Bee Garden, which is an informational booth around working bee hives, with bees buzzing all around, all surrounded by a large P-patch community garden with vegetables and flowers for the bees. I hadn't remembered that the worker bees only live for around 40 days each or that the queen, who lives about 5 years, produces an egg every 45 seconds - 2 million in her lifetime. These images are from the web; we completely forgot to take any pictures.
[Image: 4kJ5zCB.jpg][Image: Anvudst.jpg]

After watching the bees and strolling around the adjoining park, we then drove a short distance to the Schmitz Preserve Park, a 50+ acre spot donated to the city in the early 1900s to preserve a few of the original old growth trees - Douglas firs and Western red cedars - that once covered this whole area. There were ferns everywhere, like the rain forest areas to west of us, and all the greenery lowered the temperature for our walk on the trails by several degrees.  All in all, a very good day.
[Image: DmiYMfI.jpg][Image: Z6mJtne.jpg]

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Lovely, John and that house looks amazing with those vibrant colours.
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