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Feather NEW Hi-STAINLESS Platinum Coated Double Edge Razor Blades

draebeard ·12-28-2017, 10:47 PM

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General thoughts
They are the sharpest blades, but they are not the longest lasting. If you need a super sharp blade, and don't mind tossing them after 3 or 4 shaves, then they are a good value blade. There are others that will give you more shaves, but are not as sharp. It's all up to you, and as always YMMV.

Very sharp. The sharpest DE blade on the market.

Not very long lived. I get at most 4 shaves from a Feather blade.

Shaving Smoothness
To me, the first 3 shaves are very smooth, but it goes downhill from there. After 4 shaves the risk of blood being shed increases exponentially.

Mid-value. They are not the highest priced DE blade, but they are a high priced blade. On the other hand, they are super sharp. If your beard demands a super sharp blade, then they are worth it.

Very high quality. A super sharp blade.

Very high quality packaging. However, there is sticky wax securing the blade in it's wrapper. Some people don't like that, but it does keep the blade edge from touching the edge of the wrapping paper.


Marko · 12-29-2017, 06:10 PM · in reply to #105
Thanks for the review - Feathers are my favourite blade. When I was starting out I found then too sharp to use in the EJ DE-89 but then found that they worked well in some other razors, particularly the ikon 102 slant. They seemed good for 3 or 4 shaves as you point out. Then when I got the Rockwell 6s I found the Feather was a perfect pairing with that razor. I use it on plate #4 and find that I can get 6 shaves out of it on that razor. I've since tried it on some of my more aggressive razors that I was initially reluctant to use with Feathers because of the sharpness - surprise! The Feather seems to have an affinity for aggressive razors like my Wolman WR1, or ATT and of course the Feather is perfect with the Feather AS-D2.
ESBrushmaker · 01-03-2018, 05:28 PM · in reply to #105
Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I don't often use a DE (using a straight most often) but when I do, I reach for Feathers. (Sounds like a bad commercial, I know....) Nevertheless, I agree: they're not the longest lasting, but for me they do the job better than any other DE blade.
andrewjs18 · 01-04-2018, 08:53 PM · in reply to #105
in some razors, these blades are incredibly harsh on my skin, but in others, like the feather as-d2, I can't even feel it when I'm shaving. this blade is probably one of the biggest examples of YMMV in wet shaving.
AKBKR23 · 05-09-2018, 02:44 PM · in reply to #105
Feather, along with the milder Wizamet bledes are my Favorites...