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Tallow + Steel Boreal

Agon ·07-06-2017, 03:52 PM

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Ryan @ Tallow + Steel

General thoughts
If you're looking for an exciting new take on the "forest" scent look no further. This scent is magical in many different ways and it really takes you on an adventure. And the soap base is one of the best you'll find as well.

This new formula is fantastic. Softer in consistency than the previous version. But super easy to lather and very water tolerant. It creates a dense thick lather that's luxurious in all the right ways

Skin Feel
Fantastic skin feel. I would put this stuff on par with my other top soaps.

Excellent slickness and residual slickness. I'd have no reservations going over the same location a few times with this soap protecting me.

This is always going to be somewhat divisive. But I really love this scent. It's easily the most unique take on a "forest" scent I've come across in my shaving adventures. The scent out of the tub has this sort of minty plant like vibe with a woodsy base. And once you lather it you're in for an adventure.

For me the scent changed continuously throughout the shave. Different notes were coming to the front and slowly fading to the background as the shave went on. It really paints a picture more than most scents and pushes beyond the "smells great" into "that was an awesome experience"

Skin Care
As with the skin feel, the moisturizing properties were fantastic with this base. Usually with my first few uses of a soap I'll dry off my face after shaving and wait a bit before putting on the matching aftershave. As a way to gauge the moisture provided by the soap itself. With this I didn't feel the need to put the aftershave on at all. But I wanted more of the Boreal scent goodness.

This is probably the only negative to this product. The price is a little steep compared to other artisans. But I have to say you definitely get what you're paying for. The scent is rich and deep and since it's made with essential oils only it's going to be most costly. Definitely worth it.

It's pretty clear with this new lineup that T+S is gunning for the top slot in your den. The ingredients are second to none, and being sourced from the areas each soap represents just adds another level of uniqueness that you won't find elsewhere. Couple that with a fantastic performing soap base and you've got a winner you likely won't find anywhere else.

The new packaging is gorgeous. I really love the stylized labels and the label on the side of the jar is a nice touch as well. As with the old labeling it's waterproof and seems quite durable so it should stand the test of time.


Matsilainen · 07-10-2017, 04:03 AM · in reply to #82
Really enjoyed your review, Agon, and it echoes my experience with Tallow + Steel’s Morocco.