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OneBlade v1 (Pre-Genesis naming)

SharpSpine ·07-02-2017, 02:02 AM

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General thoughts
For almost the last year and a half, the OneBlade v1 has been my shaver of choice each and every time. For me it is a mild yet efficient shaver. It can easily remove multiple days of growth in a little over 2 passes. Daily shaves leave no hint of irritation and I've not found any other razor that can match the OneBlade for its effortless removal of stubble on those tricky and sensitive areas; i.e. the jawline and lower neck.

No single razor will appease everyone, but I urge anyone that can to give this razor a try. Buy it if you can afford it as they do have a return policy. Otherwise see if you can try one from a friend or via one of the pass arounds. Just don't ask for mine. I may like you but since they've changed the razor head some in the v2 & Genesis, mine will never be out of my possession.

User Friendliness
The carefree razor of all single blade shaving. Proper shaving built in to the geometry of the razor head and a pivot which adjusts to the angles of your face. It doesn't get much more user friendly than that.

The handle is unorthodox and will have an equal number of both fans and detractors. While many may not like its shape there is no denying how easy it is to find and maintain a proper & secure grip. 1 star deducted due to its unorthodoxy and the inability to use aftermarket handles.

Blade Replacement
The razor head is designed so that the blade is simply slid in through the slot in the back. Minimal care is required to insure that it is lined up properly. When using the Feather SE blades you will feel and hear a click as the blade locks in to place. If a GEM blade is used by simply removing the spine, then you will not get the click in place aspect of the design. However, the friction within the head is enough to hold the blade in place.

At 87g the razor is light for being stainless steel. It is well balanced and easy to manipulate during your shave.

At its current price of $399 I do not find this razor to be of a good value. When I purchased mine in December of 2015 the full retail price was $299, and you could regularly find a significant coupon to bring the price back down within the stratosphere. At the current price, even with how much I love mine, I could not see myself making the purchase again. Get the price back under $300 and I would buy another one, but still find even this lower price to be too steep for many people to take the leap.

While I know they hype the quality of this razor to the moon & back, I have to say that I can find nothing wrong with mine. Mine has seen almost exclusive use for 17+ months and when clean it still looks brand new.

Amazing, albeit unnecessarily overdone, packaging is what you will find protecting your shaving investment on its way to your shave cave. The leather box with red baseball style stitching is impressive when you are excited for its arrival. However, since opening mine this box has remained hidden in my closet for nome to see.


draebeard · 12-25-2017, 06:53 PM · in reply to #79
I had this razor on loan for over a week last year, and try as I might I could not get a close shave out of it.

Between the pivot, the mildness of the attack, and the price and fragility of Feather FHS-10 blades, this razor was not for me.

I got slightly better and more shaves using a de-spined Gem, but I simply could not get a DFS in one pass with this razor.

That's the standard by which I judge a razor; can it give me a Damn Fine Shave in just one pass (with touch-ups).

If a razor can do that for me, it wins my favor; if it can't, it doesn't. The OneBlade didn't even come close. So it goes.