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Midnight & Two "The Cabin"

mr. smith ·05-18-2017, 10:35 AM

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General thoughts
This is taken from the site as a description of their soap.

“A Barbershop-quality shaving experience in your home.

Handmade just beyond the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies, our proprietary Shaving Soap formula expertly combines the finest natural ingredients. Often referred to as a “croap” (cream-soap) due to it’s soft texture, our Shaving Soap offers the best qualities from both products – the ease of lather often associated with creams, and the superior performance of a soap (due to its higher concentration).

Generous amounts of Kokum Butter (sourced from India) and Illipe Butter (sourced from SE Asia) ensure a thick and luxurious lather while Castor Oil provides volume. Bentonite Clay (sourced from the USA) provides extra “slip” and a silk-like quality to the lather. Hempseed Oil (sourced from Canada), known for its anti-inflammatory qualities, soothes the skin during and after the shave. Avocado Oil and sustainably harvested Palm Oil moisturizes the deep layers of skin reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Our internationally recognized scents are blended using 100% pure essential oils (no synthetic fragrances) ensuring a product that is safe and gratifying/nourishing to the skin.

With regular shaving use, this product will deliver perfect shaves for up to 6 months.”

I think this is a superbly performing, premium soap. The scent is pure and the name describes the scent almost perfectly. I enjoyed my shaving experience with the soap; after I figured out how to build a proper lather. The post-shave feel is wonderful your face feeling very hydrated. The aftershave balm is helpful as well.

The soap is very soft and super easy to load; you kind of have to be careful not to overload (it is very easy to do) but if you do, make sure you’re adding water slowly while building the lather. I found the lather, once properly figured out, to be very thick and creamy.

Skin Feel
The soap is extremely hydrating due to the use of many oils and butters e.g. castor oil, illipe butter, palm oil, avocado oil, kokum butter, and virgin hemp oil (“a highly moisturizing oil well- known for its anti-inflammatory properties”).

The slickness is evident from the moment you begin the first pass. The razor glides effortlessly through your facial hair. The bentonite clay adds to the soap’s slickness.

The scent was put me off a bit at first but knowing what they are trying to convey with the soap’s name of “The Cabin” in that this is what you would be smelling if you’re out in the woods with pine trees and green earth all around. A few more sniffs later and I have come to really enjoy the scent of this soap; it truly does smell like being in the middle of a pine forest. The nutmeg adds just a hint of spiciness without overdoing it.

Skin Care
With all of the oils and butters added in; your skin feels great post shave. I did not feel any dryness, my skin was very smooth. I was able to do a worry free 3 pass shave with touch up and not have to worry about any razor burn / irritation.

A tin of this soap will go for $25 and you’ll get free shipping if you reach $37 so you may want to buy the soap and the matching aftershave balm. If it’s your first time on their site; you can sign up for their newsletter and receive a 15% off discount code. They use all-natural essential oil and no synthetic or fragrance oils so this is factored into the premium sticker price. The company says that “with regular shaving use, this product will deliver perfect shaves for up to 6 months”; so based on that estimate, paying $25 for a tin that could last you six months adds a fair amount of value.

All natural essential oils and ingredients. Copious amounts of skin healthy oils and butters. You can easily feel the quality when you smell the soap, when you touch the soap, and when you are shaving with the soap. I found the experience to be very pleasant. The aftershave balm is very hydrating as well and it goes on slick but dries quickly so your face isn’t a greasy mess afterwards.

The packaging is my only gripe as they use the small diameter metal tins. For a premium priced product I would expect a nice plastic tub with ample head room so I can load my brush with ease.