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Grand Bay Lime Bay Rum

Tedolph ·07-01-2024, 09:30 PM

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General thoughts
This was my first authentic Bay Rum and was a disappointment. I enjoy Pinaud's VIBR, but boy it is strong on the cloves. Great for Thanksgiving and Christmas but a little much for warm weather. I thought that trying an authentic Bay Rum might be just the ticket but this wasn't it. The aroma is resinous but not pleasing with the slightest hint of lime. If you are expecting something like Lime Sec or Citrus Musk you will be disappointed. However, I did find a good use for it....see below.

Skin Feel
Doesn't really feel like much of anything, Not greasy. High alcohol content. Will sting like crazy if you have had a rough shave, but does not burn.

Not much. Very faint lime aroma. More like an after bath splash than an aftershave. Longevity seems to be measured in minutes.

Skin Care
None. Just alcohol.

You get 8 oz. so about $2.00 per ounce. It doesn't work particularly well as an aftershave on its own. However, if you use it as an ingredient in "bootleg" aftershave by mixing it with Pinaud VIBR or Brandy Spice it tones those down quite a bit and the combination is better than the originals.

Nothing wrong with the ingredients, but if you are expecting some sort of scent to wear for the day this isn't it. As an after bath splash, it is perfect.

None. Also no restrictor or in the bottle so you are going to have to transfer it to something else.