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Omega Pinnello di Barba Puro Tasso

Tedolph ·06-22-2024, 10:38 PM

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General thoughts
The Omega Pennello Da Barba in Puro Tasso 100% black badger hair brush Article No. 6752 is the brush I hate to love. I had my eye on one for many years (would go well with my black and grey Fine Accoutrements ceramic shave bowl) and I pulled the trigger on it when it went on clearance. I think that they are no more. Looking at it is great. Using it is not a lot of fun. It is pokey. The hairs have a weird turpentine like aroma that has never really gone away. It splays great and is a good painter but not a great scrubber because of the pokiness. It works fine with cremes and very soft soaps but would probably never work with a hard triple milled puck, or any hard puck. Anyways, I just love it and it is always a special occasion when I use it, unless I need a really good shave for a three day beard and then I break out my boar bristle brush.

Medium/high density pure (black) badger. Tips never split so it does not have that fullness that a well broken in boar would have.

High for a badger

Pokey. Good painter. Can not really load hard puck soaps. You would be there forever. Does hold water and give up soap well so good for a warm lather shave with cremes.

No where near as good as a well broken in boar bristle brush but fine for cremes and very soft soaps bordering on cremes. Poor scrubber because it is pokey, but is does splay well so you can use it to build a later on your face.

Handle Comfort
Fair. it is a big, smooth convex handle that does not have any ridges or concavities on it to keep it from falling into or out of a soap tub. Handle design makes it difficult to soak without it slidingng into the bowl.

On clearance sale at $40.00 it is an OK value. At its normal price of $70.00 it is not a good value.

Beauty is is the eye of the beholder but the handle design is extravagant and has lots of great colors to go with various kit. Looks good with red, yellow and black accessories. Handle has modern design and goes well n a modern bathroom. Colors have held up well over the years.

Very nice two piece presentation box in an outer sleeve. Suitable for gift giving. Comes with an Omega medallion-nice touch.