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Product summary

Cella Lozione Doppobarba

Tedolph ·06-16-2024, 06:47 PM

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General thoughts
An average at best alcohol based aftershave in terms of scent. Strength and longevity are above average for an aftershave. Face feel and post shave hydration are above average for something without glycerine.

Skin Feel
Very nice, not sticky

Lemony, but there is something herbal in it that I find unpleasant. Not detecting any bergamot (which I love) or lime. Fine for a hot day but not a cool weather or evening fragrance. Also, if you get any on your lips it tastes terrible. It is strong, and does last about 4 hours on me. It seems to be Cella's take on Aqua di Parma's Colonia.

Skin Care
Excellent. Very hydrating.

You only get 3.5 oz so about $3.00 per oz.

It is a good quality product

Bottle is elegant, box is nice enough for gift giving.