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Pearl "The Sleek" Single Edge Razor

Tedolph ·06-14-2024, 11:10 PM

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General thoughts
This is an interesting razor: WARNING-the initial batch have some (fixable) quality control/design issues (see below). Ignoring those, it is very, very mild. I used it for the back of my neck and my clean up pass after a full double pass SR shave. In that role it performs well, but doesn't give anywhere near the feedback as say my vintage Valet Auto Strop with a rigid Feather SE blade. Maybe if you put Feather blades in it rather than the Silvermax blades it comes with it might be better but I would not use it on a three day beard. The fact that it used half DE blades makes it very inexpensive to use. This would be an excellent safety razor to start off a new shaver with. I can't imagine anyone cutting or nicking himself with this razor. I think it could be fine for experienced shavers if it was open comb rather than closed comb to give more blade feel. Maybe Pearl will come out with a version like that. Could also be a good travel or gym razor if you don't want to use a disposable SE once you fix the geometry issue.

7/1/2024 update. Not every one reports the geometry/QC issue. Some units seem to be just fine.

In any event, considering the price-good try Pearl.

User Friendliness
Moderate. Razor has very little blade exposure and a narrow effective range of cutting angles. You can't determine cutting angle by feel, only by sound as you can't feel the blade. Head is very small so easy to get into tight places. It's fine once you get used to it but if you like to use different angles for your chin, cheeks and neck that isn't going to happen. Small head size is great if you have a pencil mustache.

Grip is fine. Vertical ribs but I don't have a problem with it slipping.

Blade Replacement
Not as easy to load as a TTO double edge but close. The handle has a rotary knob in the base which releases the head. The base plate is permanently attached to the handle, and has a magnet in it to help hold and position the blade while the cap is being replaced and screwed down with the knob at the base of the handle. Mechanism seems OK.

It is a very light razor which takes half double edge blades. The head is Zinc alloy and the handle is supposedly plated brass but I doubt it. If you like a heavy razor this isn't it.

Outstanding value once you fix the geometry issue (see below). Comes with a stand and 20 Silvermax plated blades. Pearl is a leader in value.

Better than I expected but there are problems. The magnet in the head is a nice touch and the removable head with rotary knob in the handle is well done. [Update 6/15/2024]: There does seem to be some blade slippage away from the safety bar as designed. It appears that the geometry of the underside of the cap isn't right. I will keep an eye on this an update again. Update 6/16/2024: Needed to file off the top approximately 1-2 mm of the handle/base plate unit at the rear around the post hole and laterally along the top edge to eliminate the 0.010" gap existing when the head is locked down without a blade. The problem was that the removable head was bottoming out on the top of the handle leaving a gap at the front face where the blade is clamped. Eliminating this gap solved the problem. It is an easy fix as the Zinc alloy is soft and once that is done the blade no longer slips. See the thread on this razor for detailed photo's and explanation. [ https://damnfineshave.com/thread-new-pea...ish?page=2] Also, the magnet should be countersunk better. I assume that Pearl will fix these issue and then it will be a pretty good razor-time will tell.

Better than OK. Would be suitable for gift giving.