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Product summary

Cella Crema Sapone (sandalwood creme)

Tedolph ·06-14-2024, 10:44 PM

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General thoughts
Initially, very disappointing. But, after having worked with it for a bit I can see how it would work in a professional setting. Compared to Cella red tallow (my reference soap) and even Cella's aloe based green tub soap this is very different. When the tub is fresh it has a very strong chemical aroma, nothing like sandalwood. It doesn't lather like conventional Cella, and is very pasty. The aroma gets milder, and less chemical after the tub has been open for a while.. I used a pure badger brush because of how soft it is, and I think that is the intention-use a badger soaked in hot water, load and then build a pasty lather in a lather bowl. Apply and do not face lather. Do all that and it works fine.

Makes sort of a light paste if you face lather. Doesn't matter how much you load. It is a very soft croap but not a true creme,. i.e. you still have to load the brush (load for about 25 seconds) and can't just dip it like an English creme in the tub. Does rinse very clean and does not leave a mess in the sink or on your gear.

Nothing works to make a face lather. It is clear that this product is intended to be used in a bowl. It can handle a lot of water-I mean a lot! You can leave a puddle of water in the bottom of the lather bowl and it will still work. It will take a good 60 seconds to build a lather after you have loaded from the tub considering how much water you used. I think this is the intention-use a badger permeated with hot water, build the lather in a hot bowl or cup to give a non-voluminous hot lather. I can see how this would work in a barber shop. Perfect for a back of the neck shave. Also works fine on the face. It sure can handle a lot of water! So, if you have a badger brush and want a hot lather this might be a good product for that.

Skin Feel
Reasonable cushion. As stated above it makes something between a paste and a foamy lather if you use a lather bowl. Semi-luxurious feel.

If the lather is made as described above, slickness is excellent. You can repeatedly go over areas without re-lathering.

Smells like house paint-initially. Turpentine. Compared the ingredients to conventional Cella and the only thing that stands out is Myristic Acid. It is a surficant that is supposed to smell like nutmeg so that shouldn't be the problem. Getting less and less objectionable since the tub has been opened for a while. Not bad at all on the face, but nothing to write home about.

Skin Care
Post shave face feel is actually pretty good.

Ridiculously over priced for what it is.

You really have to understand what you are getting into with this soap and change your expectations accordingly. If you like a pasty lather that does not dry out this would be an excellent choice.

OK. Metal tub with screw on lid.