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Avon Wild Country Aftershave

Tedolph ·06-02-2024, 10:19 PM

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General thoughts
This is something I have wanted to try for a long time. Finnaly got around to buying it when a sale came up. If you like Forgeres, this is a little more sophisticated than Clubman, and a little less cloying than I remember Canoe, although I only used the EDT version of that. Has a slight oriental feel to it-maybe some jasmine? In any event it works well as an aftershave, and has a nice aroma if you like powdery scents. Only just tried it so I don't know yet if it is a lady pleaser.

Skin Feel
Very good. Not sticky. No glycerine.

An aromatic Forgere, similar to Pinaud Clubman but without the citrus, and Canoe-maybe a little more vanilla in the dry down? Anise and lavender are top notes as there is no citrus to burn off. After the lavender then comes the powder and, maybe sage?

Skin Care
Has some moisturizers in it. Alcohol base. Doesn't sting much.

At the sale price of $10.49 for 4 oz. it is a little pricey for what it is

A surprisingly sophisticated scent for this class of aftershave.

Outstanding glass bottle (worth the purchase price alone), restrictor is molded into the glass. Plastic screw on lid. Box is rustic, somewhat western theme. Suitable for giving as a gift.