Product summary

Gold Dollar 100/200/300

Tedolph ·12-15-2023, 09:56 PM

General thoughts
The Gold Dollar 100/200/300 series of razors appear to be updates to the GD line of straight razors, and I would say a lighter version of the stalwart GD 208. I ordered the 300 with the blueish handle. The razor has quite a bit less steel than the 208 but the metallurgy looks the same. The spine is significantly thinner and I would say that the razor is maybe 20% lighter than the 208. It came without a coffin other than a plastic sleeve which was deteriorated. New, the razor would not tree top, although it probably would have shaved. Like all GD straight razors, the spine has a significant smile ( but no twist) but under 30X examination that was not reflected in the bevel which was straight (except at the heel and toe) and looked OK. I think that I detected a few remaining burrs from the bevel setting process. I suspect that GD uses tapered conical burs to set the bevel at the factory in an automated process so the spine is not used as a guide. Polishing was very rough, no mirrored surface here. The stabilizer is much smaller than on the 208 and does not need to be removed or modified, although you could do so. To make the razor shave ready, I made a handful of very light passes on a 1000 grit synthetic wet stone to remove any burrs, about a dozen light laps on the 6000 grit flip side to smooth the bevel, about 50 laps on an Arkansas stone to polish it, followed by 40 laps on a pasted strop. Sharp points on the heel and toe were softened with a few passes on the edge of the Arkansas stone. All together maybe 20 minutes of work. More like a strong refresh. At that point the razor was tree topping and a subsequent shave showed an easy pass against the grain.

The Gold Dollar razors are outstanding values. The metallurgy is good, quality control seems to have improved and the new series of razors only need a modest refresh to make them into fine shavers. The pins are loose and don't tighten up even with a light tapping with a hammer. I suspect that they are steel and not softer brass. That being said, these razors are very light and if having a heavy blade is important to you, I would stick with the 208 in spite of its tacky scales and robust stabilizers.

Shaving Smoothness
Shaves fine after a modest refresh. Also, the spine is somewhat thinner than on the GD 208 so the geometry is slightly different. In theory, the bevel should be slightly less obtuse.

Ease of Sharpening
Pretty good. Stabilizer is smaller than on the GD 208.

Lasting Edge
Same GD metallurgy

Ease of Maintenance

Outstanding value if you have a set of stones, pasted strop for a full refresh.
Can be had for $13.00 USD.

Not up to Issard Theirs quality but the metallurgy is fine. Scales are garbage but not as offensive as on the GD 208