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Cella Crema di Barba

Tedolph ·10-28-2023, 05:43 PM

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General thoughts
Cella is a first class soft soap with a gourmand almond/cherry scent perfect for the winter, and typical of this class of Italian soft soaps. The scent is strong in the tub, mild during the shave and completely gone after a rinse. Where Cella outshines many more expensive artisan soaps is the way in which it softens the beard, even compared to other tallow based soaps. The ingredient list is simple, so as long as you are not allergic to the almond oil used in the soap most people should have no problem with it. Rinses clean and does not leave a mess in the sink or on your gear like Proraso does.

Lather is easy to make in a bowl or face lather. Handles a wide range of product to water ratio. Lather lasts for three full passes plus touch ups.

Skin Feel
Very luxurious lather. Lots of cushion for a straight razor shave.

Slick enough to allow touch ups without re-lathering.

You'll either love it or hate it. Smells like Dr. Pepper tastes.

Skin Care
Excellent post shave feel. Very hydrating

Good value. Less than $2.00 per ounce if you buy it by the kilogram block.

Not the absolute best but in league with soaps that cost more than twice as much.

Very nice retro style packaging. Comes with a "thank you " card. Nice touch


Lipripper660 · 11-01-2023, 04:54 AM · in reply to #146
Good review. Thx
bbssboss · 11-19-2023, 07:49 PM · in reply to #146
Awesome, good to know your feedback. Similar thoughts as a long time Cella user
SandmanCT · 02-21-2024, 06:11 AM · in reply to #146
This was my first and still my favorite soap!