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Seaforth! Fleur de France Aftershave

Tedolph ·10-01-2023, 02:06 AM

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General thoughts
Seaforth! was the higher quality competitor to Old Spice in the 1960's. Frankly, it was the better product. They had two scents: Heather and Spice. Spice was like Old Spice but much more refined and more bay rum like. Heather was more herbal but also nice. Near the end, Seaforth! tried to branch out and Fleur de France was one of them. Spearhead Shaving Company's re-creation has very good longevity (all day) and I would say moderate projection. It is closer to a cologne than an aftershave splash, but not over the top. Fragrance is pretty one dimensional, and being floral it doesn't have much of a masculine vibe. If it dried down to something else at least you could say that it is interesting, but I do not find that here. I will be passing it along. May be worth trying some of this company's more classic Seaforth! recreations.

If you are a big fan of Pinaud products like I am, this is not going to be your thing.

Skin Feel
Leaves skin sticky

OK, not as strong and acrid as the matching shave soap. Mostly geranium. I am not picking up much of anything else. Maybe some musk. Dry down does not change. I hope that you like geraniums.

Skin Care

Poor-you only get three ounces.

Ingredients are all high quality

Nice homage to the old Seaforth! brand- all glass with a nice screw on top, quality removable restrictor. Would be suitable for reuse if transferring another product out of plastic.