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Product summary

Seaforth! Fleur de France

Tedolph ·10-01-2023, 01:44 AM

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General thoughts
I am disappointed with this soap and the matching aftershave. Buying scents blind is always a risk but this scent is too strong and too floral. You can smell it when you enter the bathroom in its tub! The soap lathers nicely and loads easily (it is a very soft tallow soap). It does not soften the beard well as say Cella (my reference tallow soap) does. Cushion and glide are OK. Better than most non-tallow soaps but not as good as most tallow soaps. I think that the maker tried too hard to have a pronounced fragrance and went over the top. If the fragrance was dialed back by say 50% it would be fine. As is, I will be passing it along.

I will give one of their other Seaforth! recreations a try before giving up on the brand, having actually used Seaforth! many years ago. However, one has to say at less than half the price, why not just use Cella or Tabac or Arko, even Palmolive with a Clubman splash?

Sigh....... so many of these artisan products are expensive disappointments compared to time tested mass market brands, although I do appreciate the efforts of those who make them.


Very easy to lather (it is a soft soap). Lathe lasts like a conventional tallow based soap.

Skin Feel
Skin feel is about on par with most glycerin shaving soaps. Not a good as say, Cella


Scent is a very strong floral, mostly geranium and is slightly acrid and unpleasant. It lingers long after the shave and will interfere with your aftershave, so you have to use the matching aftershave.

Skin Care
Post shave skin feel is typical for a tallow soap.

However, the matching aftershave leaves the skin tight and slightly sticky.

Not a high value product.

Ok for what it is

Packaging is nice homage to the original Seaforth! brand