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Ethos Grooming Mélange d'Agrumes Vegan Shave Crème

churchilllafemme ·01-20-2022, 09:12 PM

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General thoughts
This is a brief review of the new Ethos Grooming Mélange d'Agrumes shaving cream. I also have the matching shaving soap, so I was able to compare the two somewhat. I should note that I have financial connection to Ethos Grooming; however, I did receive the cream free in order to try it and give Frank my feedback. The review represents my subjective observations and impressions, so YMMV, as always. My general impression is very positive; it is a wonderful cream.

The cream is quite thick, firmer in texture than nearly all my other creams. However, it scoops well and is definitely a cream rather than a croap. Its scent is clear and moderately strong, somewhat stronger than that of the soap, as one would expect for a citrus-based blend of notes. I loved the scent, which is fresh and uplifting. I was able to get enough lather for a 3-pass shave by using just a 'small almond' size of scoop. I built the lather in my scuttle bowl rather than on my face, since that is how I almost always create it. The cream almost instantly made a thick proto-lather, to which I was able to add water gradually by finger-drops to make a wonderful lather, thick and rich and even more fragrant, within 60-90 seconds. In the scuttle bowl, over a reservoir with hot tap water, the lather remained stable and its texture lasted throughout the shave. It was easy to apply quickly to my face in a single process for each razor pass.

Skin Feel
After the shave, with a quick cold-water rinse, my face felt very smooth and clean. It was very well-hydrated and pliable, without any irritation at all. I am not sure how long the cream scent would have lasted after the shave, since I applied the matching and quite soothing aftershave right after. Around 2 hours after the shave, my skin still felt very clean and soft to the touch.

The cushion of the lather was marvelous, the 'Goldilocks' type that is not too thick and not too thin. It was slick and provided a very smooth glide with the blade. During my first use of the cream I had thought that it was not quite as slick as the soap, but this time it was perhaps about equally good in that respect. The lather stayed firm on my face during each pass but was not at all sticky, and it rinsed off the razor easily in my sink water bowl. With both a high-end DE razor and a vintage Wilkinson Bonded System cartridge razor, I got a close shave, with a very smooth skin feel.

The scent was fresh and crisp, very rich and uplifting. I loved it. It stayed prominent but not overpowering throughout the shave.

Skin Care
My skin was left feeling very soft, smooth, and pliable, as if treated with a good moisturizer, and this excellent feel continued for hours after the shave.

I think the cream is a very good value.

Overall I would rate the cream a 9/10, with extremely good lathering qualities and wonderful scent. If the minor jar label confusion was corrected, it would be a perfect 10.

The cream came in a sturdy, low 4.5 oz. (133ml) bowl with a wide mouth, which made scooping with a spoon very easy. The label, unfortunately, was exactly the same as that of the matching soap, with no differentiation. I had to mark the cream jar with a Sharpie marker so I would be able to tell them apart quickly. I don't know what Frank's future plans are for the labeling.


Lipripper660 · 02-03-2022, 01:29 PM · in reply to #142
Great review John
dtownvino · 09-17-2023, 12:45 PM · in reply to #142
The first version was a Soap, the second batch was a vegan creme, the third version is a tallow shave creme and now he has an F base soap coming out in this scent.

As for the label, on the side label, does it say TC (tallow creme) or VC (Vegan Creme) I can see by the front label it is not the original soap base.

I know a little confusion, but the side label should be marked what it is. Changing the top label for each base would be costly.