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Parker adjustable injector razor

BBS ·01-02-2021, 04:26 PM

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General thoughts
razor performs to high standards when dialed in.
Easy to use if you know how to use an injector

No instructions on how to dial it in or use an injector included.
Dial is not optimized for all blades on market.
Blade longevity limited by blade exposure

Expanded context on the cons
SE razors work differently from DE razors and an instruction sheet explaining how to use this razor would help users from putting it down after a shave or 2 because they are trying to use it like a DE.

The razor is too mild on the highest adjustment dial setting for the Personna blades included with the razor. Dial should ideally start at about the where the 3 setting is now on the low side. Dial ajustment range is okay for more sharper blades like Schick injector or Schick Proline B-20 blades. Issue is significant enough to sour customers along with lack of understanding how to use an injector from wanting to use the razor on a regular basis. It also doesn't reflect well on the vendor bundling a razor with blades that don't really work well with their razor or drive sales for their replacement blades.

As can be seen in the picture the blade exposure is too minimal compared to the razor shown which is a milder injector than this and as such doesn't allow for optimal blade contact and as such the blade won't last as long as it should.

Finally note on blades, the blades shipped are not very sharp and it is recommend to try sharper blades like Schick injector blades also as you dial in the razor to work best for you.

User Friendliness
Rule of thumb of with an injector like this go shallow on the angle with cap as flat to the face as possible. Razor is almost idiot proof to use as long as you adhere to that. Loses 1 star for lack of instruction sheet.

No issues with slippage in the hand

Blade Replacement
Key loading doesn't always line up especially if you don't insert the key all the way. Common issue even on the older Schick injectors and shouldn't be a deal breaker.

Non issue since you drag the razor cap across the face. Use one finger to maintain angle by placing it near the adjuster dial.

Razor performs once dialed in for the particular user and won't break the bank. Also comes with blades which is either an added bonus or not depending how they work for the user. Not all brand injector blades are created equal.

Razor is well built but presentation is lacking concerning packaging.

For something retail you'd expect it to be a little more visually appealing.


BBS · 01-02-2021, 04:32 PM · in reply to #137
To be fair, they do provide instructions on the website where you can buy the razor but my critic still stands because how many customers actually read that after they buy the razor and before they use it let alone remember what they read when they purchased it.
Freddy · 01-03-2021, 11:44 PM · in reply to #137
I have only used mine twice and, so far, I have to agree with you about the blade. If the first two shaves are any indication, they are not great. I usually get a week out of most blades but I just may be dumping this one for a Chinese Schick to see if it offers up a closer shave.
BBS · 01-04-2021, 12:39 AM · in reply to #137
Freddy according to your single edge post you used it at a 3. I'd try it at 5 first before writing off the blade as either being a dud or the Personnas in general not sharp enough for the razor. Let us which if any improves the performance for you. If you go to the Schick blade I found 3 to be the low end for me as far as getting a good shave. 5 the best and 4 the best compromise between close and comfortable.
Freddy · 01-04-2021, 12:51 AM · in reply to #137
Thanks for the tips. I had already changed out the blade for a Schick before reading this so we'll see how it goes. Also, changing the blade, which is usually a no brainer with an injector, took some work. The new blade, at first, did not want to push the old one out. It took some pulling out the key and reinserting it along with a bit of jiggling before getting the angle just right for the new blade to slide in while pushing out the old. Perhaps it was just me but I don't have this much trouble with my Schick adjustable injector.
Mpescado · 02-22-2022, 12:50 AM · in reply to #137
I wanted to like this razor more. I had the first version and couldn’t get a close shave with it. Actually cleaned it up for a pass around and then gifted it to a friend.

This was my first injector style razor. Not giving up… I think I need something a little more efficient.
Mpescado · 01-08-2023, 04:53 PM · in reply to #137
I didn’t love this razor. Purchased the first version and gave it a whirl. Not nearly efficient enough and difficult to dial in. I think ran a pass around via a Facebook shaving group - feedback was mixed. Ended up selling it.
Tedolph · 12-19-2023, 02:04 AM · in reply to #137
Honestly, I couldn't get it to shave at all. Tried it twice. Clearly, I was doing something wrong.