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Muhle Rocca R95

Lipripper660 ·10-22-2020, 12:04 AM

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General thoughts
Since it came out several years ago I liked the look of the Rocca R95 but due to some apparent quality issues my enthusiasm waned. Recently it was brought to my attention that the issues were in the rear view mirror and I decided to give this V4 razor a go. The Muhle Rocca comes in three iterations R96, a Stainless handle with a black stainless grip, R96 Jet, a murdered black razor, and the only one I was really interested in, the R95 with a birchbark ringed handle. The razor is designed to fit between the mild/medium R89 (DE 89 for Edwin Jagger fans) and the polar R41, the aggressive open comb head. I found that to be the case. It fits snugly In the upper medium aggressive scale similar to a Rockwell plate 6, a Merkur Futur on the lower settings, and a tad more aggressive than the Gamechanger .84. It’s a three piece design so blade loading is what I was expecting. Rather than positioning posts, the top cap utilizes tabs similar to a vintage Gillette New. Blade alignment has been perfect thus far and blade exposure even side to side and end to end. The top cap flexes the blade more than the R89 and I find that a more open grip leads to better shaving results. Blade tabs are very slightly visible I suppose for fidgeting blade alignment but tolerances are tight so they could have covered them up. The head is thin and nimble and fits in tight spots like under my nose. It has significant blade feel and I thought it would be “hotter” than it is. An alum block test post the last three Two-pass shaves leave no stinging. This is a loud razor so if audio feedback is your thing you won’t need your hearing aids. Blade chatter was nil. I read reports that the shave was not as comfortable as other razors but I have not found that to be the case. I like the sharper blades and have found no reason not to use them in this razor. The fit and finish is excellent. The stainless razor is satin finished which I think suits the razor perfectly. The handle is longer than my preference and I worried a little about that but this razor balances perfectly and choking up on the handle leaves it nimble. And that handle! handle is very grippy and very organic and if it’s like fishing rods I own, durability will not be an issue in my lifetime. The shave is comfortable but there is a big blade feel. This is not a razor I would recommend to a beginner. No cuts or weepers and I don’t expect any, but this is not an auto-pilot razor. It does in two passes WTG / ATG than the R89 does in three. I am enjoying it but that slightly more open angle is not yet muscle memory. The razor is smoothest when the angle is right. The handle is awesome and the razor is very attractive......just like me. Oh and might I add it has no lather pass-through slots in the bottom and it’ll tell you if you hydrated your lather sufficiently. If it is too stiff it’ll be harder to rinse out.

User Friendliness
Typical 3 piece razor. Not advised for a beginner.

The birch “cork” handle is the most comfortable I own.

Blade Replacement
Like someone engineered it to hold blades consistently blade to blade.

Best balance of all I own

$125 for a stainless head (looks CNC to my eyes) and a hand fitted handle? Yep. I find the value.

Fit and finish is great.

Outer sleeve. Inner box. Great printing. Very nice packaging.


Bouki · 10-22-2020, 08:14 PM · in reply to #136
This is an awesome review! Answers every single one of my questions all in one place. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it.
sidpost · 06-23-2023, 05:57 PM · in reply to #136
I find this review to be spot on. It will bite with a careless hand but, is a joy to shave with if you have any DE experience.

The quality of the razor and the feel in hand and on face is great!

I find it slightly more aggressive than an Edwin Jagger 3one6 which has lather release holes in it so, no water shooting out the sides during cleaning! For a ~$100 razor when bought out of the UK region, a really solid value IMHO when a lot of the Zamak razors are ~$40.