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Broman Razor

L.A. Jones ·07-07-2020, 04:57 AM

General thoughts
I decided to try out the Broman razor and my findings mirror what others have previously discovered… outrageously mild, but average, shave.

I picked up a used Broman because it was available. I paired it with Tabac cream and a Nacet blade on the first go. Like others before me… I discovered it was difficult to tell there was a blade in the razor. Incredibly mild and enjoyable shave.

It was easy to load the blade and the pivoting head teamed up with the plastic head cover to produce a roller effect across the face. I did 2 passes. The first WTG and the second ATG. No sign of a nick or irritation anywhere.

The shave was enjoyable but very average. I repeated the effort the next day and added a third pass across the neck and chin. The results were a bit better and the shave remained very comfortable with nary a sign of a nick.

On day 3 I changed to a feather blade. I used an Irisch Moos shave stick. ATG, WTG, and across the neck/chin. The shave was more robust. It was a very nice shave and just a nudge below a DFS. Again, no nicks or irritation. Finished up with Irisch Moos after shave.

There is no way to get below the nose shaving WTG. Fortunately with this razor attacking the upper lip ATG is not very threatening. That tactic did produce good results below and around the nose.
I don’t think you will ever see a BBS from this razor. However it is fun to use and if you need to ensure you don’t get a nick that day… this razor will work. No problems teaming it up with a very sharp blade.

Bottom Line:

I think I will keep it for a while just because it is as fun razor. If you get a chance to grab one it will probably be worth your while. You can always move it on after trying it.

User Friendliness
Very Mild.


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andrewjs18 · 07-08-2020, 10:08 PM · in reply to #134
I used mine last night to shave my head and can confirm that it's very mild...I managed to get a few weepers, as usual, with my head shaves...sigh.

I was expecting it to be lighter than it is, based on looks alone. my scale showed it weighed in at 2.8oz with a blade loaded.

if they'd open up the blade gap some, I think this razor would get a lot more love..maybe I'll email the creators and see what they say.
Lipripper660 · 10-17-2020, 07:05 AM · in reply to #134
I’ve wondered about this razor..