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Bulgari "Omnia" Indian Garnet EDT

ischiapp ·04-14-2020, 07:47 PM

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General thoughts
Not exactly a macho perfume. ;D
But I love it !!!

Skin Feel
Very alcoholic

The notes are sunny, fresh, floral, sweetly woody and with a hint of spices.
Olfactory family: Flowers - Woody
Top notes: Mandarin and Saffron
Heart notes: Indian tuberose and Osmanthus
Base notes: Indian wood and Amber

Skin Care
None / Not appliable

Very high

Few times have I experienced such a marked bondage of the senses.
The Bulgari "Omnia" perfume in the Indian Garnet model is perfect for me.
Absolutely in line, not to say identical, to my favorite shaving line.
I could swear (the fake) that Meissner Tremonia "Indian Flavor" is made on that fragrant basis.

Stunning, the bottle is a piece of art.


Lipripper660 · 06-09-2020, 01:00 PM · in reply to #133
Nice review. Thank you