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Wizamet Super Iridium

Dave in KY ·10-19-2019, 12:18 PM

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So there has been a lot of controversy about the sale of Wizamet blades lately on some forums. Are they legit Wizamets or are they rebranded Pol Silvers etc. I recently made a purchase of a 250 block of them from Wizashave shipping from Morocco. Due to a slight lag in the tracking movement I had emailed the company at that time to inquire of it's movement and stall. They quickly assured me that they were still en-route but the tracking on a single block would not show movement in the States. True to there claim they showed up a few days later. Due to the controversies going on and some business developments the company reached out to me and asked if I would do an HONEST review of the blades and my thoughts on them. I did a video and it's in the video log section but will do a quick (yeah right) overall thoughts on them here:

In my 11 or so years of being back into "Wet Shaving"...................."Traditional Shaving"......................Whatever you want to call it, I have tried MANY different blades and settled on Personna Reds for a while until I found Gillette Silver Blues and preferred them. Then I tried the Pol Silver SI Blades and was sold and a user for some years now. They got popular and for years people have been saying they are going out of production and so prices have been inflated beyond their worth to me. I was starting to run low on them (@50 left) and was going to wait for the price to drop or go back to the Silver Blues. @Bill in Oneida got some Wizamets (a couple tucks) and gave me some to try. WOW, was I blown away by the difference. Just as sharp and noticeably smoother to me. Now I wanted to look for a stock of them but they are out of production as far as I know. I found some for sale on the bay for $45 for 250 and Bill and I were going to split a 250 block. When I ordered there were some things that raised a red flag from the seller saying he didn't get payment when I had proof of payment thru paypal. I cancelled the order and Bill said he found some from out of the country for @ the same price, so I said go ahead and order 250 for us. They came from Morocco so took a little while to come but arrived without incident. Some weeks went by and I thought, I love these blades and want another 250 for a cushion in my stash. I checked the bay as the new seller I tried to buy from previously said he straightened things out with Paypal but I noticed that I suppose due to interest he basically doubled his price.........NO THANKS, I don't do business with companies the price gouge (even though they have again lowered their prices now). I then came across a discussion on DFS about purchasing from and put an order n to them for 250 assuming they were from Russia. After reaching out to the company during the shipping process I learned they were coming from Morocco which put e at ease since that must be who Bill got our original block from. Sure enough they arrived safe and sound. That brings me to the blades. EVERYONE is different and will have different experiences with blades but these are JUST as good as the Wizamets I had started with from Bill and NOTICEABLY different from the Polsilver SI's I was using. They are SHARP and extremely SMOOTH with great longevity. Are they re-branded Polsilvers? Don't feel like it to me and they were my got to blades for quite awhile. Even if they are they are nearly HALF the price of Polsilvers as of the price I just checked this morning. Just wanted to give my experience with these blades and the source ( ) I am using for them for others to make an INFORMED decision for themselves. Happy Shaves Gents

I find these to be VERY sharp like my former favorite Polsilvers

I get more than usual longevity from them 7-8 great shaves

Shaving Smoothness
When I tried them the 1st time I was AMAZED at the noticeably smoother feel over the Polsilvers I was using.

Not the cheapest out there but worth the extra for this premium blade

No issues with blades. Consistently the same quality.

Come in a box of 250


Lipripper660 · 02-01-2020, 05:05 AM · in reply to #132
Got to try these