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Chill Mill from Phoenix Artisan

Lipripper660 ·05-11-2019, 05:39 AM

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General thoughts
This is an idea I wish I'd have come up with. It's a jar full of organic menthol crystals capped with a grinder that turns the menthol crystals into menthol salt so it'll incorporate easier and disolve quicker. (A pepper grinder). It allows you to turn any of your soaps into a mentholated soap. Two great advantages: you choose a soap and based on the amount of menthol you add gives you the option of just a kiss of menthol or by adding more, bobbing for apples in liquid nitrogen face freezing menthol. And the second benefit is after a rinse the soap is no more mentholated than it was before you used the crystals. The way I use it is by wetting the top of the soap and grinding some menthol on it before getting in the shower. By the time I exit, the menthol is dissolved and I load my brush and face lather. The cold builds from pass to pass and the effect lasts about an hour. So if you ever wondered what a cold Tabac was like, poof, you got mentholated Tabac. Brilliant idea to turn a pepper grinder into a shaving tool.

Well, it's not a soap so lather will be what soap you choose.

Skin Feel
Menthol mild or wild

Again, it's a soap amendment so you choose the slickness.

It does affect the scent of your chosen soap. Menthol minty. Wish it was neutral but no way around it.

Skin Care

For the control it gives me I give it 5 stars.

Organic if that matters to you.

Ingenious grinder that powders the crystals for easy incorporation.


CaD314 · 05-11-2019, 06:21 AM · in reply to #131
Ahhh glad you enjoyed it sir! Been tweaking it still too, next version on the Chill Mill will allow you to make adjustments on how fine or coarse you'd like the menthol ground. Smile Stay Cool my man!