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Summer Break Soap's Field Day

Lipripper660 ·04-19-2019, 02:54 PM

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Ive been working to get to know a new soap and soap maker, something I rarely do these days. The Soap Maker is Summer Break and the scent is Field Day. Summer Break is a husband/wife team out of Nebraska. Both are professional educators so their company, and the names of the scents, follow the theme about time spent in and around school. The soap I have is a v2 and having never used the v1 I can't speak to any comparisons in that regard. Summer Break is a low structure lather. I mean on-the-deck low structure in my hard water but slickness and cushion are just fine if enough water is added. This is not a soap where the lather is going to jump out of the tub ala Caties Bubbles but is more along the lines of Mystic Waters lather for me. It seems that it's impossible not to make a super shiny lather (or should I say lotion) with this one. Bubbly it AINT. Scent is a nod to school field day and has notes of grass, dirt, water (dew), cedar, florals. To my nose the grass and dirt hit hard as I would suspect with such a name. I also get the florals and cedar but my nose doesn't know what water is supposed to smell like. If it is supposed to smell like morning rather than heat-of-the-day, then they hit it out of the park because as I lather it up on my face, that is the feeling I get. The scent of my morning walk over at the stadium. So I spent the week using the soap with boar, synth, and badger and unsurprisingly, this soap likes synthetic better than my natural hair brushes. Not to say it won't lather with naturals, it does, but synth is much quicker and yields a lather a bit more akin to what most shavers might be familiar with. All my shaves were face lather shaves. The soap itself is medium hard. I load heavier than most I suppose and I used this soap as usual. It seems to prefer a bit wetter brush than I normally hit a puck with and I liked it's performance better with a shaken out brush vs a squeezed one. Lather on the face feels just fine with no tingling or other weird anomalies. Scent strength is about a 6.5/10 and stays pretty constant through the shave. As stated cushion and slickness were on point but I might share that residual slickness is right there with the best. Final rinse is no more difficult than Stirling which is similar in residual slickitude. Where this soap falls short for me is post shave. I have not used many that leave my skin feeling quite so tight as this one on my (I'm guessing) average skin-type face. Not a deal-breaker though as I always use a dab of raw Shea post shave anyway. Conclusions of the week: this soap is certainly protective and slick. It's not the easiest to lather in my water but it isn't a challenge either. The scent really doe stake me on a journey but it's not a journey I crave like the ride Cade takes me on. Post shave is drying but overcomable with a little post shave balm.

Low structure more like lotion than whipped cream. I prefer this type of lather.

Skin Feel
No problems on the skin.

Slickness really shines. Both in the layer and residual slickness are top shelf.

The scent is meant to harken back to warm school days outside. Grass, dirt, florals, cedar. It takes me on a journey.

Skin Care
I find this soap drying but a dab of Shea rights the ship.

16 bucks for a 4 oz tub.

I'd put it mid-pack for me but as we all know, the pack these days is VERY good.

The label I feel is excellent. Keeps with the whole "school" theme. The container itself is a "these days" standard wide mouth, low height tub.