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Clubman Osage Rub

Lipripper660 ·12-30-2018, 02:18 PM

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General thoughts
I would not consider myself a menthol lover but I do like the feeling more than occasionally. I'd been wanting to try Osage Rub for a long time but would invariably forget about it when building a shaving supply's order with one of our vendors. This season though I had an order just shy of free freight and remembered Osage Rub and added it to the cart. It arrived and I've been using it and it'll have a home at my place always. This is not Stirling Glacial cold but it is certainly more in-your-face than a Proraso green. Some will find it a summer-only product but I can see myself using this year round. It's invigorating to say the least. Scent strength is about 8/10 and old-school pleasant but it is very short lived (minutes) thus does not interfere with other scents I may chose to wear for the day. It's official. I like it.

Skin Feel
Mild alcohol sting followed by the icy menthol blast that Osage Rub is known for. The menthol is why I picked it up. I was surprised at another feeling I get upon application and I assume it's eucalyptus. No stickiness on dry down.

Menthol (mint) and eucalyptus. It'll scrub your sinus'! Scent is strong but only lasts minutes so does not interfere with scent choice if you choose to wear one. Nothing fancy here, just old school perfection.

Skin Care
I'd say about average for an alcohol base.

If you like menthol you will find value here.

Can't argue with a product that is still around after so many years but this one really only offers cooling menthol.

Plain Jane all the way here. Plastic bottle. Label that looks like it was made on a home printer. There is no "presentation" value here at all. If you know Clubman aftershave, this bottle is a step down from that. That said, it's likely meant to keep pricing cheap and it holds the juice in.