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Black Velvet by Black Tie Razors

Lipripper660 ·10-11-2018, 05:40 PM

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General thoughts
I have been on the hunt for a new vetiver soap because although I have plenty of soaps where vetiver is a note in the accord, I have yet to find one that lets vetiver out of the corral and into the pasture so to speak. I love the scent of vetiver all on its own. Many members here at DFS have lead me to products to try but our own Dominicr of Black Tie Razor reached out and sent me a sample of their new vetiver scent Black Velvet. Let me tell you, this is vetiver! Not dirty or smoky although I can smell that but a more clean and bright vetiver but make no mistake, vetiver is the star here. If you have ever wondered what vetiver smells like, this will remove doubt. To my nose there is a black pepper note and perhaps a touch of lemongrass? Anyway, it's vetiver forward all the way.
I am not unfamiliar with Black Tie as I already own their #13 unscented soap and scented oils El Hefe and Casino Royale. So I was not surprised to find this sample produced fantastic, ropey, slick lather. Scent strength is low end of medium but I most often find that samples are a bit weaker in scent than the full tub. The lather is not difficult to build and he soap has a fairly broad tolerance for water. The lather is a low structure rather than a merengue and I like that a lot. Cushion is excellent and glide/residual slickness is top shelf. This soap shaves well and is not difficult to wash off at the culmination of your shave. I had no issues with skin irritation or odd odors.
So this soap is available to the public in just a few days but as Dominicr and I visited back and forth he stated that if anyone wanted a tub early to PM him.

I can make the low volume, super hydrated, gleaming lather I like with this soap. Reminiscent of Mikes Natural lather.

Skin Feel
Feels wet and shave-worthy on my skin.

Glide and residual slickness is top shelf. No problem for a straight razor user. Awesome slickness and I value slickness above all else.

Vetiver forward but not dank, smoky vetiver. More the clean vetiver that is much more approachable. You don't have to be a vetiver junky to like this one. Scent strength is on the lower end of medium and fades just a bit during the shave. Mine is a sample though and I most often find that a full puck has a much stronger scent before and during a shave. It does not linger so will not interfere with your fragrance choice.

Skin Care
Like other coconut soaps it's a bit drying for me but I ALWAYS apply raw Shea butter after a shave so this little niggle is of zero consequence to me. All the ingredients are spot on.

Right there In the pack. This is a top shelf soap.

As stated, this soap is every bit the performer of my other favorite soaps.

Mine came in a plastic bag but Dominic has a new label that is awesome. Classic black/white in keeping with his Black Tie name/theme. Fonts are easily legible and lend an air of sophistication. No homemade labels here. The pic I attached is from his Casino Royale (which I have and love) because Black Velvet vetiver is still a few days from release.


dominicr · 10-11-2018, 08:32 PM · in reply to #124
Thanks for the review. It's always gratifying when your creation is enjoyed by others. We'll provide the link(s) for purchase as soon as publicly available. In the meanwhile, if you're anxious. PM me.
dominicr · 10-11-2018, 08:33 PM · in reply to #124
Note: Packaging is a 4" diameter oversize tub.
Scorpion508 · 11-01-2018, 01:52 AM · in reply to #124
Feels wet and shave-worthy on my skin, great soap