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Leaf Razor

Lipripper660 ·04-16-2018, 05:04 AM

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General thoughts
I got to mess around with this razor due to a DFS pass around and was glad I got to do it. The razor arrived in protective packaging. Included in the box was the razor in chrome that takes regular DE blades cracked in half. Also a clear plastic "stick" that also takes a half blade and is ment to accurately trim under nose and sideburns. A used-blade safe, a razor stand, and a pack of leaf branded DE blades completed the package.

I was pretty excited to give this razor a try and a quick view of a YouTube vid and I was set to go. I loaded it with Polsilvers because I like em. Loading is not difficult but with three edges to load and several moving parts to position, a guy better pay attention or risk a cut. Also, cracking blades comes with its own risk. I suppose a guy could use pre cracked half blades but your choices are then very limited. After everything was aligned and ready to tighten down I reminded myself to "snug and not tighten" as the screw that holds everything together is very skinny and heavy- handed tightening would no doubt result is stripping or shearing it off. I sure never had any issues with it coming unsnugged.

The razor is touted customizable by allowing one , two, or three blades be used. I found the razor to work best with three blades loaded. When I tried singles I didn't like the feel. With three loaded the razor glides like silk. Best shaves=three blades. The razor shaves like a cartridge although it doesn't have the proclivity to clog that a cart does. I found a loose lather works better than a thick and cushioning lather. Cushion made the razor float, thus not engage my skin even with frequent rinsing. Loose slick lather was the ticket. There is almost zero blade feel and cutting yourself would be difficult. Razor burn was not an issue. Getting a close enough shave demanded positive pressure which flies in the face of DE light pressure mantra. If you chase BBS this is not your tool. If you are Looking for mindless,speed shaving you will like this one. The head is massive making it impossible to get under the nose, thus the stick trimmer. I tried the stick but found that because it puts no torque on the blade, and because it's so lightweight, it wanted to chatter. I'll use my vintage tech to trim up thanks.

I was really glad to get this wonder in zamak but I'll not replace my other razors In My arsenal. That said, an interesting thing happened. My wife wet shaves too and she uses new stuff to "see". We have a leaf razor headed to our house because she REALLY digs this razor. She likes the pivoting head. She likes that it demands pressure. She likes the three blades on her fine hair. And she likes the total lack of having to mind the shave angle. The long handle suits her too. So it looks like should I want to tinker more I'll have one around to mess with.

User Friendliness
Takes three DE blades cracked in half meaning there is a bit of fiddling to load it up with risk of cuts if not focused.

Certainly adequate but I found the triangular handle took some getting used to.

Blade Replacement
Awesome engineering but it certainly isn't as easy as other razors I own.

It wants some positive pressure so balance really needn't be factored in but it's not awkward.

Considering the significant engineering involved and the concept of allowing a guy to make his own cartridge type razor I think the value is awesome.

Fit and finish on this one is very good! Lots of hinges and fitting and all of it fit well.

No tins or leather folios here but the cardboard is sturdy and the padding protective.


andrewjs18 · 05-14-2018, 01:08 AM · in reply to #118
I bought this razor to use exclusively to shave my head since it has a pivoting head and we can use our own DE blades. While the razor is nice to look at, I wasn't all that impressed with its usage.

First, the handle is incredibly thin and reminds me of holding a pencil rather than a razor. Second, the razor feels heavy in my hands - I've been spoiled by aluminum razors lately so maybe it's just me. Lastly, the head is rather large and might be awkward for some folks.
Scorpion508 · 11-01-2018, 01:53 AM · in reply to #118
It wants some positive pressure so balance really needn't be factored in but it's not awkward.
Scorpion508 · 11-01-2018, 01:56 AM · in reply to #118
One of my favorites
Lipripper660 · 01-04-2019, 09:47 PM · in reply to #118
My bride uses this as her daily driver. I just cleaned it and inspected all parts. Thus far plating, springs, pivots, gates, fasteners all seem perfect. She still likes it better than her vintage Lady Gillette or her Jagger De89
andrewjs18 · 01-04-2019, 10:05 PM · in reply to #118
I'm not sure if my wife uses hers more than the lady gillette, but when I put some blades in it for her a little while back, I noticed that the blade covers that clamp the blades in place (I guess?) were not lining up properly. Here to find out, my wife has dropped the razor a few times...sigh.