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Phoenix & Beau Imperial Rum

Agon ·03-08-2018, 06:16 AM

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General thoughts
I would say if you haven't given P&B a shot you may want to. Their soaps are very good performance wise.

However, I would like to see this particular scent dialed in a bit more. I did contact P&B about it and they said I could send it back and they would reimburse me if it was incorrectly scented. But paying for shipping back to the UK again would have cost nearly as much as the soap. So it wasn't worth it.

Additionally, from what I've read P&B have also sorted out the ammonia issues with Baskerville. Though I traded that one away as it was pretty similar to another scent in my den so it felt a bit redundant.

This is the second P&B soap I've tried and both have lathered very easily with no issues at all. They've definitely got a quality soap base on their hands.

Skin Feel
As soon as you get the lather on your face you can tell there's some quality behind the suds. It left my face feeling quite good afterwards.

Plenty of slickness and lots of cushion, along with some good residual glide.

I'm a big fan of bay rums and the various different takes on them. I've tried just about everything ranging from Captain's Choice and Col. Conk to the new T+S West Indies. And I'm a fan of quite a few of them. But the scent on this stuff is very light.

Were it not for the hint of lime upon opening the tub I would've thought I had bought an unscented soap. Lather the soap didn't bring out much of the scent beyond that and a bit of the lime and just hints of some kind of slight bay note. Definitely a let down.

Skin Care
As I stated earlier this stuff is no slouch. It left my skin feeling pretty good. But I wouldn't pass on a nice aftershave.

Overall value is really going to depend on where you live. I purchased directly from P&B since I couldn't find this anywhere in the US. So with shipping this stuff is pretty expensive. Shipping aside I'd say for the performance the price isn't bad. But the scent has to be amped up to make it worth the cost.

I think this base is very nice. But I wouldn't buy this particular scent again. The other scent I had was Baskerville. And when I first got that one it had a strong ammonia scent to it which dissipated after a few days of leaving the soap open. I think this stuff could really be nice if the few production issues can be fixed. As it is I would rate it at about the middle of the pack.

The label is beautiful with the gold lettering. Pictures don't do it justice. And the tubs are nice as well. You can tell thought definitely went into the design for this stuff.


andrewjs18 · 03-08-2018, 11:51 PM · in reply to #114
I've not tried this soap yet but I do dig the label!
Marko · 03-09-2018, 06:17 PM · in reply to #114
Great review, thanks. I think you must have got a dud because I have this soap and its a great bay rum for me and I am a lover of all things bay rum. I've ordered directly from the UK (I'm in Canada) in the past and its a bit pricey and last time I did that it took just over 5 weeks to arrive. in Canada stocks pretty much all of the P&B soaps including LEs (usually) and they have free shipping if you spend over $60 (Canadian $ I think) to both Canada and the US. The customer service is excellent, I've never had a scent/quality issue but I did have a frozen/shattered lid leaked everywhere toner issue and Carmine took care of me. I know that scent quality/strength issues can be frustrating and its tough to go out and buy a second tub in hopes that its got it right. I had a similar experience with P&B Sanskrit which to me smells like clay - I figure my tub didn't get much/any of the fragrance. Notwithstanding, I'm still a huge fan of P&B.
Pottertons · 08-15-2018, 01:28 AM · in reply to #114
I rate P&B soaps very highly and I find that this scent is a really good variation of the Bay offerings out there. The ones I've tried so far are quite clove heavy which puts me off a bit. So the fact that this one is lighter on the clove is very appealing and you can notice the blend with the other scents more.
As you mentioned, the post shave is excellent. After getting the soap and newly released post lotion for Trafalgar, I may get the one for I.R as well. It's good stuff.
As for the label....WOW!!! Excellent design. The way the gold of the octopus shimmers when it hits the right light is a quality touch.
Oh, and another big shout for Top Of the chain. Carmine keeps us Canuck's well in the mix.