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Razorock Mamba

Lipripper660 ·01-27-2018, 08:46 PM

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The Razorock Mamba is a CNC machined stainless razor made in Canada and represents perhaps the best value in the DE razor market. Certainly it'll claim that title in the machined stainless market. I've wanted to try one out for quite awhile now and at $50.00 (and off-the-shelf availability) I just couldn't say no. When I received the razor I was struck with its beauty. It's mirror polish and although others have reported visible machining marks, I haven't any on mine. Although I own and shave with some of the aggressive razors, I enjoy the more mild ones in my flock. I really enjoy the way a Jagger DE89 or a Murker 34C shaves me and use those two as a comparison to all other razors I try. The Mamba is a three piece razor and eveyrthing is mirrored. Top cap and base fit together perfectly. This razor aligns the blades with two studs protruding from the base plate. Blade alignment over the past two weeks has been perfect every time. The handle has no knurling but the profile of the handle offered plenty of grip. The base of the handle has a removable counter weight that 1) shortens the handle and 2) changes the balance of the razor. Neat feature but I find I like the razor with the knob in place. Threading the head onto the handle reveals a quality job and everything is smooth. Safety while loading the blade seems to be no more difficult than with other DE razors but as stated, alignment is perfect every time so no risk of a cut while repositioning blades.
My evaluation of this razor extends over a two week time period. I used feather, pol-silver supers, permasharp, and Gillette greens. All blades I find to perform about the same regardless of the razors hey ride. This razor has a reputation of minimal audio feedback and next to no blade feel. THat would be my experience too. The razor seemed to like a bit more open angle (handle further from face) than either the Merkur or Jagger described above. Because it is so mild I found I really had to pay attention to angle or I was leaving stubble. The first several shaves left me with significant clean up to do. I used an alum block to grade the razor after every shave. With as mild as this razor seemed, I was surprised that the first coup,roof shaves left some stinging it's the alum. I suspected that I unintentionally added pressure to try and get closer because the subsequent shaves showed no problems. Three pass shaves were needed to get DFS but all in all I'd get there if I paid attention to angle. The last three shaves were with a feather, then a feather and one shim, then a feather and two shims. I like this razor best with two shims. It seemed to shave just like a Jagger then. DFS doable with two pass and clean up then. The alum block showed no difference between shaves without shims. So although I would rather it be a load and go razor, putting in a couple of shims is ok and I will keep it even if it is a tad too mild for this mild razor lover.

User Friendliness
This thing is next to impossible to nick yourself with. Easy to load with perfect blade alignment.

Not as grippy as knurling but certainly useable and beautiful.

Blade Replacement
Easy as any other three piece. Perfect alignment every time.

Perfect for me just as it comes from the package


Beautiful fit and finish

Hey, it'll do.


Matsilainen · 01-31-2018, 01:58 AM · in reply to #111
Thanks for the great review!
Daga · 02-06-2018, 09:19 PM · in reply to #111
This is my favorite non slant razor, and the price is awesome.