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Fatip Testina Gentile

MaineYooper ·01-01-2018, 08:44 PM

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General thoughts
I was impressed after the first shave! With a Gillette Silver Blue, it makes quick work of stubble and shaves closer more comfortably than any razor in my drawer. I can get just as close a shave with my Fatboy or Slim, but it requires many more strokes or a much higher setting. Higher settings for my face result in razor burn and irritation. I find the Testina Gentile to be more efficient with more comfort to my skin.

User Friendliness
Testina Gentile, according to Fatip, translates as "Gentle Head" in English. This is a nice safety bar razor, that even covers the tabs of the blade fairly well. It is best used "riding the cap" with a light touch, and will deliver an wonderful shave.

Pretty good. Most of the time I have no issue, but on occasion too much lather dripping down can make the handle slick.

Blade Replacement
Three piece razor, done easily. There are reports regarding poor blade alignment, but if done as Fatip suggests, then there are no issues. Simply place/drop the blade onto the two posts and place the base on, then tighten down the handle, but only place fingers on the posts as you tighten the handle. This allows the blade to seat itself naturally. I flip it over after just barely tight and visually check the alignment. After three weeks of use, I have not had an alignment issue.

It is a heavier razor (than a vintage Gillette), tipping my kitchen scale at 68 grams. The handle is similar to a fat handle Tech, which I really like. Balance seems great for my use.

For its price, this razor is outstanding in value, given the quality of the shaves I have received, at less effort than my other razors.

Mine is fine, but again, reports abound regarding finish and marring on the handle, for previous Fatips.

Nice presentation in a box, razor held in place, and a nice little insert on using the razor.


Scorpion508 · 11-01-2018, 01:54 AM · in reply to #108
One of my favorites