Hi, had anyone heard or tried Zorrik titanium blades. I saw these on ebay.[Image: hqu9jjB.jpg]
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Nope. Look very gimmicky with the slogan though. There are a few reviews of Zorrik blades on B&B.

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I believe prominent DFSer Freddy picked those as the worst blade he's ever used in this thread:


That's the first time I had ever heard of them. That is a really cheesy slogan.
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Thanks guys I had a look but none mention about titanium. I was wandering if they are titanium coated or completely titanium.

Most likely coated. I can't imagine they'd be solid titanium.

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In all fairness, I  have not tried the titanium
but the stainless are easily the worst I have used. I believe MsBlackwolf agrees with me and was not happy with what they did to her legs. They were so bad that I am in no rush to try the titanium version. Of course, we are talking blades so YMMV.

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The ideal probably comes from the fact that they coat tools like drill bits with titanium to increase the life. I do find my drill bits seem to last longer with wood woorking so if they really do come up with a way to coat them and make them last longer - I imagine they would. Then again if you sell a disposable product - how long do you want them to last?

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I would agree that if anything, they are coated. I would imagine very minimally based on incremental cost too.

More a marketing hook than anything but look forward to your results should you try.
Hi, I just found these blades, looks familiar eh! Definitely coated & made by same company. [Image: tedsZ6U.jpg]

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