Ziegan Bart? Obscure? I see little discussed about this soap anywhere on the net.

So I saw Ziegan Bart described at a reseller. You can read all about it yourself. There are also some video there. For a couple of dollars I figured I would try a sample.

I couldn’t figure out the scent, so I googled it and Amazon Germany describes it as Sandalwood/Lemon. OK, maybe it was a dark Sandalwood. It was reasonable strong and the lather didn’t dissipate much. The lather is just as described in the writeup, thin looking, but its not the airy thin I sometimes see from the soaps that explode in volumes in YouTube videos.  Read this and they talk about how difficult it was to lather. No, MW is far more difficult. I few swirls and a dry brush and this had lots of lather, just thin but not a airy thing. Sometimes I think people have far, far too much water in their brushes, drowning them. But, you are not going to get a luxury cream lather.

They talk about magical "hydration." I’m not even sure what that means. I use the microwave hot towel thing, after a shower anyway, before shaving the whiskers are not going to get any more hydrated. Anyway , I found average slickness, average cushion, a scent that was “meh”, but a scent that was reasonable strong and didn’t dissipate quickly as some soaps scents do.

So can anyone explain what they mean about “hydration”? Anyone tried this soap or is it too obscure? Any comments at all?

In fact with this hydration thing, I see some YouTube videos where people just splash their face with water and lather? Is that routine rather than using the hot steaming towels or hot shower first?

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It must be a bit obscure as I this is the first time that I have heard it mentioned.
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