Pick your favorite and post a pic.  For me, it's my Turkish Vase by Brad Sears.

[Image: 2wWN3Ha.jpg]
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My Triad handle with a Thater 2 band bulb.

[Image: XgEVLZ2.jpg]
Shave yourself.
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Philadelphia, PA
that's beautiful, Asafiev
Tu ne cede malis, sed contra audentior ito.
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Ferndale, MI
Right now it's gotta be this...

[Image: GCnDxX6.jpg]

24mm Tuxedo knot in a Whipped Dog handle. I haven't used any of my other 7 or 8 brushes since I got this thing. I think they're getting jealous.
- Jeff
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[Image: yut4wWd.jpg]

Love this brush!
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[Image: 9DDzrGY.jpg]

My Wolf Whiskers with Black Wolf Synthetic
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St Petersburg, Fl
Out of my several dozen brushes in rotation, I look forward to my LE Vie Long the most. It originally had horse hair but i reknotted with a knot from Artesania Romera. Gustavo's Knot are some of the best I ever used once you get past his delivery wait. It's 26mm set at 48mm. Beehive feels confortable in the hand and is great at face lathering.

[Image: 6eSNQ3V.jpg]
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[Image: uSFsJ7l.jpg][Image: D8qn4Yx.jpg]Gunna pick this one 4 me
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