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My shaving soap Top 20, as of April 2016:

1. Nuavia (own both)
2. Czech & Speak (own both)
3. Tabula Rasa (own 8)
4. Savonniere du Moulin (own 1)
5. Savon des Volcans Bon Berger (own 6)
6. Le Pére Lucien (own 8)
7. Saponificion Varesino (own 6)
8. Barrister & Mann (own 14)
9. Cold River Soap Works Select (own 10, all v1)
10. Valobra Tallow (own 4)
11. AOS Tallow (own 2)
12. Klar Seifen (own 3)
13. Martin de Candre (own 2)
14. Boellis Panama 1942
15. Caties Bubbles (own 8)
16. Meißner Tremonia (own 14)
17. I Coloniali
18. MWF
19. Tabac
20. Lea Classic

Honourable mention goes to Haslinger for making a great affordable tallow soap, that of course performs great, but is let down by the mild scent and to DR Harris (own 6) because they have managed to stay clear of bad reformulations and still make a hard soap, that may not perform TOP TOP level, but still performs fantastic.

Let me hear your list Smile
Do you like my list or do you disagree with some of the creams I have on the Top 20 list ?

Nowadays I preferably use shaving soaps from April to September and shaving creams from October until March.
Soaps tend to dry out my skin a bit more and demand a bit harder work on my skin and face to face lather them into a lather I like, compared to shaving creams, that lathers fast and easily in a matter of seconds.
Cheers, Claus from Denmark

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I'm glad to see Savon des Volcans so high on your list, CHSeifert. I haven't seen many reviews of it. What's your favorite scent of Tabula Rasa?

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Good list, I'm not sure I could list 20 right at the top of my head.

My top as of now:

1. Tabac
2. MWF
3. Cella
4. Cade
5. AOS Tallow
6. Arko
7. La Toja
8. B&M Lavanille
9. Strop Shoppe Solsettio
10. Mickey Lee Kraken
11. Soap Commander Courage
12. William, yep Williams.
13. RR XXX
14. Tim Soaps Ruby Red
15. Reef Point Submariner
16. B&M Latha

I'll just edit accordingly.

I would add Cade rich cream and Body shop maca root cream among my favorites as well.

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Nice list, Claus!

I don't have 20 soaps, but I do have a few that I really enjoy. Shy
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You may need an extra insurance rider for your soaps and creams.

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If I listed my favorite 20 soaps, I would be listing 95% of the soaps I have used. Rather than completely disqualify my response by just naming the first 20 soaps that come to mind, I'm gonna narrow it down to my top favorites...I won;t know how many until I stop...lol

1-Stirling. In particular Vanilla Sandalwood, but I also have and use SDM and Frozen Tundra, and I really like all 3. The consistently top performance places the brand as my favorite. Their splashes are tops in my book, as well.

2-Maggard's Tobacco & Leather. The only Maggard's soap I have used to date and easily sits in second place. For clarity it is made by TTFFC for Maggard's, but I presume the formulation is different from TTFFC's own shave soaps, though I haven't compared them.

3-Beaver Woodwright. I have Pirate's Bay and Shipwreck Cove, and both are just wonderful scents with fantastic performance.

4-PAA Good Vibrations. The only scent I've tried in their soap. Outstanding summery, barbershop, sunscreen scent with excellent performance.

Notable mentions, in no particular order would be Soapy Bathman, Jeeves of Hudson St, Country Club, and Tiki Bar. These would be my second tier performers. All of them I have in multiple scents except the Soapy Bathman, and all are consistently good performers.

I'm going to leave it at that. Everything else that I have and use regularly is decent, with favorable performance and pleasing scents, but pretty well equal to each other. Nothing else really stands out, so I may as well just leave it sit here.

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-Chris~Head Shaver~

I'm not a soap guy, but I have a few that rise above the rest:

1. Nuavia, both Blu and Rosso
2. MdC Fougere
3. Tabac
4. B&M
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  1. PannaCrema Nuàvia
  2. Barrister & Mann Glissant
  3. Bufflehead

  4. Barrister & Mann White Label
  5. RazoRock Santa Maria del Fiore - Firenze
  6. Soap Commander
  7. Martin de Candre
  8. Barrister & Mann Latha
  9. Cella

  10. Wet Shaving Products
  11. Tcheon Fung Sing
  12. Mitchell's Wool Fat
  13. De Vergulde Hand
  14. Chiseled Face Groomatorium
  15. Seifenglatt (is it Soap Smooth now?)
  16. Proraso
  17. Catie's Bubbles
  18. Tiki
  19. Mike's Natural
  20. Arko

Tiered for my pleasure.
>>> Brian <<<
Happy beeps, buddy! Happy beeps!
Tier 1
Mystic Water
Barrister & Mann

Tier 2
PannaCrema Nuàvia
First Canadian Shave Soap
Mickey Lee Soapworks
Phoenix & Beau
Saponificio Varesino
Reef Point

Tier 3
Chiseled Face
Lebelle Soaps
Soap Commander
Catie’s Bubbles
Soapy Bathman
AoS Tallow
Shaver Heaven
Strop Shoppe

I have not, but going to, try Mike's and Shannon's in the near future. If it wasn't for their high shipping costs to Europe I would have tried them already.

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(04-06-2016, 03:20 AM)-A- Wrote: I'm glad to see Savon des Volcans so high on your list, CHSeifert. I haven't seen many reviews of it. What's your favorite scent of Tabula Rasa?

It's hard to pick a favourite from Tabula Rasa, as their scents are all rather advanced. Not for the average nose, I think.

I would sort of put Tabula Rasa scents and Le Pére Lucien in the same scent-park, not that they smell alike at all, but they both make some rather daring scents, that are not for everyone - but their performance are both stellar.

My favourite basic clean Tabula Rasa scent is the Dark Lavender, perhaps the best lavender I have ever smelled.

My favoruite advanced Tabula Rasa scent is either Dezember or Herbs or Your Shaving limited edition.
Steam Punk is also quite good (ShaveNook limited edtion scent) and Patchouli is not bad either !
Cheers, Claus from Denmark

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