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As some will know, I own a few creams, and only one missing from my to buy list is the Version 3 of the Santa Maria Novella cream/croap. I wll get my hands on that soon.....only own SMN v1

Why 20, why not 5 or 10 or 50 ?

Feel free to add just your favourites, whether you have 1, 2, 3 or more favourites. Just list them here, and tell us your thoughts.
I looked at my collection, and felt 20 was the number to list. I was inspired by Chris Bailey, who just posted his Top 25 best artisan soap makers on YouTube  Tongue

I will soon make my personal top 500 favourite fragrances from my collection (full bottles only count)........ Happy

My shaving cream Top 20, as of April 2016:

1. Esbjerg (own all 5)
2. Acqua di Parma (new version in pot)
3. Antica Barbierra Colla (croap like cream)
4. Xpec (own both)
5. Floris 89
6. St. James (own all 5)
7. Castle Forbes (own the Lime and the Lavender)
8. Baume.Be
9. Acqua di Parma Collecione (old pot version, that RazoRock XxX tried to copy, and did it well)
10. Penhaligon (own 4: Opus, BB, Endymion & Sartorial)
11. Geo F. Trumper Coconut (own the entire range of GFT creams, this is the best for me)
12. Truefitt & Hill Ultimate (own the entire range of TF&H Creams, this is the best for me)
13. TOBS Coconut (own the entire range of TOBS creams, this is the best for me)
14. DR Harris Arlington (own the entire range of DR Harris creams, this just works fantastic for me, can't tell you why, has been a favourite since 2011, where I got this as one of my first proper shaving creams)
15. Musgo Real (own all 6, I have to use these sparingly, as the lanolin in them can cause irritation if used daily, but WoW - love their performance)
16. Speick (just a great cheap cream, not the most volume in the lather, but cushion, protection and scent is awesome)
17. O' Melhor
18. I Coloniali Rhubarb (very erathy incensy scent, but WoW what a perfomer)
19. Atkinson Lavender (made by I Coloniali, need I say more.......fantastic mild lavender scent)
20. AOS Sandalwood (my favorite sandalwood scent, and this version of the cream is simply a fantstic performer too, mine is from 2012)

Honourable mention to the entire TOBS, TF&H, GFT and DR Harris line of shaving creams, as they all perform great on me. I own the entire range from all these 4 brands in creams and soaps as well (No sorry, GFT and TF&H soaps are banned because they s()ck)

Let me hear your list  Smile
Do you like my list or do you disagree with some of the creams I have on the Top 20 list ?

Nowadays I preferably use shaving soaps from April to September and shaving creams from October until March.
Soaps tend to dry out my skin a bit more and demand a bit harder work on my skin and face to face lather them into a lather I like, compared to shaving creams, that lathers fast and easily in a matter of seconds.

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Cheers, Claus from Denmark
You guys crack me up. Happy I'm waiting now for the top 30 shaving brushes Mad

OK seriously now, what is it about Esberg that you rank it higher than ADP or ABC? Esberg is cheap compared to these others. In fact, its "artisan" cheap. And to be better than the much vaunted XPEC, that some people bow down to???? what is so special about esberg?

Very impressive list Claus. With having such an extensive collection of creams have you ever had one go bad while waiting to be used or is there something that you do to prevent them from going bad?

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Even counting different scents of the same brand I doubt I've even tried 20 creams. The only 3 I've used that I'd consider buying again are Musgo Real Classic scent, St. James of London (any scent), and TOBS Avocado.

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Another long list, Claus! Good to see you limited it to twenty! Big Grin

Unfortunately, or fortunately, for me, I have only used a handful of creams, but that was almost five years ago.

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Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart
Wsp mahogany
Gingers garden aventus
Maggard london barber shop
Razorock zi pepino
St james of london black pepper and lime.

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The only creams I would repurchase based on my limited experience with them:

1. Proraso Blue - love the metal tube, mild scent, holds water, slick, scuttle heat friendly and cheap.
2. Nancy Boy (Sig & Replenishing) - I love everything about these creams, flawless, just wish they still shipped to Canada.
3. GFT Coconut (tub) - Same feeling as NB, plus I am a huge fan of Coconut scent.

Other then those, I can't see myself spending money on creams at this point. I usually do what Clause does and use the creams in winter and bowl lather but I much prefer face lathering and soaps.

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I'll contribute but I don't even come close to 20 creams tried, much less in rotations:

1. Saint James of London Mandarin & Patchouli
2. Saint James of London Sandalwood & Bergamot
3. Saint James of London Cedarwood & Clary Sage
4. Saint James of London Black Pepper & Lime
5. Speick
6. Nivea

Floris #89
Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet
Castle Forbes
I Coloniali

Restitutor Orbis
Bodyshop Maca Root and Cade rich

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