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I'd like to get your recommendations for the most moisturizing alcohol splashes on the market.

Yes, I realize that alcohol splashes are drying by virtue of the fact that they contain alcohol, however I enjoy the feel of alcohol, and in my experience, some alcohol splashes are more drying than others. Sometimes when I use an alcohol splash I end up with dry, flaky skin and a terrible complexion. Other times my skin feels tight, yet looks and feels moisturized. The latter feeling and look is what I am interested in obtaining.

So far, the best I've found in this area is Derby City Chop Shop Small Batch Aftershave, which has a load of alcohol, but also has lots of aloe and other ingredients that seem to keep my skin feeling moist.

What are your recommendations for (specifically) alcohol-based liquid splashes that treat the skin well and leave its moisture intact?


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B&M does the job for me, and Stirling.

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In my experience it would have to be the new alcohol based aftershaves recently released by Chatillon Lux. They're flat out awesome. I've only been able to get some of the sample sized aftershaves (international shipping restrictions) but they are generously sized samples good for probably 5 or 6 shaves, maybe more.

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Krampert's Finest: Bay Rum & Frostbite
Barrister's Reserve Classic Splash
Barrister & Mann Tonique
Country Club for Men

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(03-10-2016, 04:08 AM)SharpSpine Wrote: Krampert's Finest: Bay Rum & Frostbite
Barrister's Reserve Classic Splash
Barrister & Mann Tonique
Country Club for Men

I just received 2 samples of Barrister's Reserve Classic Splash and can't wait to use them tonight with the Vanille soap.

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Hobbyist and SharpSpine, the B&M Reserve splash slipped my mind. I'd add that to the list of very moisturizing alcohol splashes, though I did suggest via the website that the moisturizing properties be upped ever so slightly (at which point it would be on par with Derby City for me in this particular area).

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I think Stirling has a nice moisturizing splash.

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NeoXerxes, I just now finished shaving with Vanille and used the Barrister's Reserve Classic aftershave. This is without a doubt the most moisturizing alcohol splash I have used. I have fairly dry skin and considering I live in Las Vegas it is something I have to deal with every day with lotion or aftershave balms. However, right now my face feels soft and moisturized, whereas the other aftershaves I like just leave my skin soft but not quite as moist, thus I usually apply my Stirling unscented balm afterward. Personally I wouldn't change anything about this splash however, maybe he can offer one for extra dry skin.

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I had a similarly positive experience with the Reserve. Most notably, i didn't have any dry or flaky skin later in the day, which I sometimes have with alcohol splashes if I don't use a soap that is on the more moisturizing side. The changes I suggested are slight, but a slightly more moisturizing splash would likely ensure an even more healthy appearance.

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Ginger's Garden. Irena's aftershaves have alcohol but are also LOADED witch hazel, aloe & glycerin. Very moisturizing on my face - not even a hint of dryness.

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