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I'm looking for some good soap sticks for travelling.

I have tried these so far:

DR Harris - pretty good, but nothing special
TOBS - both my TOBS sticks leaked and got the inside of my toilet full of TOBS soap
Tabac - so far my favourite soap stick
La Toja - very cheap, and smells like the red shaving cream, a bit artificial, but very nice performance
Speick - very chepa too, and performs great also

Have yet to test the Valobra stick.

What are your favourite shaving soap sticks ?
Cheers, Claus from Denmark

Mystic Water!
Arko (if it smelled better)

Those are the only sticks I've used up to this point.
- Jeff
Claus, just get some empty shave-stick containers and transfer your favourite soaps into them, and voila! Big Grin

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I despise most shave sticks as they are too small in diameter, Tabac & IM being the exceptions.

That said, I used Valobra smashed into a dish and the performance was phenomenal.
I bought a puck of Stirling and a twist-up container the size of a soap stick from eBay to make my own.

To be fair, any soft soap in the right container can become a stick, with patience.

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(04-11-2016, 04:33 AM)Barrister_N_Mann Wrote: Palmolive!

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Vie Long
Anything of Mama Bear's

Grate any soap into a stick container though. I've even read of being able to use a deodorant holder. An empty one you refill with shave soap...

Williams Luxury is the finest soap stick I've ever come across though. Hard to come by. Spectacular Rose scent.

I'd go with Valobra too.
Shave yourself.
Not a huge fan of the stick format, but Palmolive would be my choice.
Palmolive for cost and ease of travelling. But seen as you can get Mystic Water in stick form I would go for that. Smile
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