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So I thought it would be fun to list the shaving gear that we treated ourselves to this Black Friday. I had been hoping to add a Timeless Razor or Paladin Brush(even had an opportunity to score an ATG LE Shavemac Rowl Brush) but a couple of appliances (Dryer & Microwave) dying and needing to be replaced caused me to settle for grabbing a few new soaps on BF Deals from various artisans. Here's what I got:

Tallow + Steel - Boreal
Wickham 1912 - Cashmere & Classic 24
Storybook Soapworks - Elysium
Shannon Soaps - Woodland Frost & 25th Street Lime

Well, those are my BF additions... What about you?

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"Always walk where you like your steps"
I did grab a Barrister and Mann Seville EDT.


That's it for me though.

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I hit the IB sale on Wednesday Rolleyes
Stallion AS
La Toja balm
2 or 3 $4 Omega 49s
Sandalwood body soap
I think I'm missing something else.

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Jeff -L.O.S.E.R.
How did I get through without buying something? Wink

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Blackland Sabre L2

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New Jersey
OneBlad Genesis Kit.

But I have sold a few things for $292. So my promise of not ‘spending’ during month of november is almost not broken.

That’s excluding the BlackBird I picked up from BST though Sad

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Philadelphia, PA
I need to grab some aftershaves from maggards. I'll probably wait until Monday to see if there's any type of cyber Monday deals going on..

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(11-25-2017, 09:10 AM)zaclikestoshave Wrote: How did I get through without buying something? Wink

Never mind, I guess I couldn't pass up getting some SV soap from Italian Barber and getting the more aggressive base plate for my MJ90.

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The deals I took advantage of:
- AP Shave Co: Cashmere knot
- Chatillon Lux: Unconditional Surrender toner
- Italian Barber: Feather blades, The Stallion splash
- WhollyKaw: Chypre Rose Concerto toner

Have been tempted by many others. Some offers are live over the weekend, still.

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I think west coast shaving made superb BF and CM, wanted to buy less, but couldnt resist: 1)Pure Badger brush (wanted to see what the pure badger is all about) 2)Silvertip Badger brush 3) 2 WCS soaps and splash 4)SC balm
Also got some Honeybee Gardens AS's and Homestead WH. So i guess now its till next BF...(or not?)

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