Marin County, CA
I've been lurking on DFS for what seems like an eternity, and it felt like a good time to introduce myself and also to share my appreciation for the terrific posts and good spirits on this forum.

My name's Todd, I live in Bay Area (Marin County), and I've been wet shaving for close to four years. Previously I had been a multi-blade and electric razor guy, but the combination of irritation, crappy shaves and just general aversion to shaving, along with "what's that I heard" about DEs and SEs, brought me to try something new.

Since that time, I've acquired WAY too much gear, but am loving it. I'm loathe to even pick out favorite razors or blades at this point, but a few come to mind: Merkur Progress, iKon ShaveCraft line (i like them all - particularly the crazy Tech), Feather AS-D2, and recently the OneBlade. From a blade perspective, I have pretty good luck with just about anything, but really like the Gillette Silver Blues, Voskhods, Personna Labs, and Gillette Platinum Plus (the newly packaged, Brazil-made blades that are showing up at Walgreens and a few other stores). Enjoy the TSE videos, appreciate the straight talk and unbiased reviews.

Thanks for having me aboard!

Todd R.

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Welcome to DFS, Todd. It's great to have you join us. Smile

Welcome Todd!
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Welcome Todd! Glad to have you here on DFS Smile.

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Todd, welcome!

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Welcome, Todd. Happy
Love, Laughter & Shaving  Heart

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Welcome from down here in SF!
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Welcome to DFS.

Philadelphia, PA
there's nothing wrong with another Bay Area Guy joining us! Tongue

welcome to the site.

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Welcome aboard

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