It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
First shave with the TFC All Brass and a real good one. Good weight and feel with a premium edge to it. The adjustment dial was pretty much precise with a starting position just left to the 1. Once the blade was installed a Gillette 7 O’Clock SP (Black Ninja) it was dead on it. Equal blade exposure on each side with a rigid/secure lockdown of the blade all the way around. Full turn all the way around back to one so it doesn’t get as wild as the Zamac version but, there is still plenty of adjustment for nearly everyone’s tastes. 2 good and efficient feeling passes set at 4 & 3 respectively with a buff around Sir Adam and the chin to get me to a real nice BBS finish. I agree with another shave member here Clouds with his observation on the semi drag like type feel of the razor on skin. Not much but, it has that type of feel to it. I had the same thing with my Rex Ambassador at the start and with a subtle change in technique and use, it’s practically nonexistent. See the same here with the TFC Brass.

Good first shave. I’ll get a few more in to get a real sense of what it can do and see how it stacks up with the class leaders in the adjustable realm. Early 1st take assessment? Looks promising.

Great shaves to all…

[Image: wf42er5.jpg]

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Just Here for the Shaves
Williamsburg, KY
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Nice Gus, had it in my cart a couple times and would have bought had I not already got Claudio Clouds to make me a brass handle. 4 is my sweet spot too. Great shave !

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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
Got on with shave #2 this morning with the TFC Brass. Same Gillette SP blade and geared up with the Ethos Blood Orange soap. Good Lord this soap is so authentic smelling. It literally bursts out of the jar with a natural Blood Orange scent and nothing more. Absolutely fantastic and the suds well, simply phenomenal that leaves a face feel that is second to none. And the Fresco splash is just magnificent with a lime oriented scent. Anyways, how did the TFC do? Very, very well indeed. Just a slight adjustment on angle, just barely touching the safety bar and a light touch. As has been said in the razor universe, “let the weight of the razor and the natural laws of physics, (all gravity here) do the work.” It’s a heavy razor that is actually balanced quite well almost neutral like but, it is geared in weight towards the business end of the razor. And that’s how it should be. Smooth and easy passes (2) WTG & ATG with a buff around the Adam’s Apple. A shave member posted on another shave forum that if Yaqi had left the serrations (lather cut outs as in the chrome version) on the safety bar it could have helped in allowing a bit of flow through of lather and reducing that bit of drag if not outright eliminating it. I agree. Still, the shave was excellent and the drag less noticeable from that of shave #1. The result was as good a shave as from its older sibling, TFC Chrome and rivaled equally results from my Rex Ambasador. Very impressed with this razor and its first two shaves.

Great shaves to all…

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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
My third shave with the Brass TFC and nothing different to report other than an excellent shave again. 3rd use of the Gillette 7 O’clock SP and this razor/blade combo hit its stride. Two great passes and a final touch up on the chin and the Pampers baby buttocks couldn’t be smoother than my middle aged mug. One tiny weeper on the corner of the stache and that was it. I have to admit that the protection & slickness from Declaration Grooming soap Sellout was top tier in performance and aided in giving the TFC an easy foundation to glide on. Spectacular stuff really. Anyhow, started on 4 and left it there for the duration of the shave. Irritation free & incident free minus that tiny weeper. Not much to complain about so far. Ride out the rest of the week with it and give a light summation by the weekend. Looks like a great week of shaves ahead.

Great shaves to all….

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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
Opened it up to 6 this evening on 2 days growth. Not that it was needed but, more to see how it would feel opened up near its max setting. Still had the Gillette 7 O’Clock SP installed as it still felt great from the last shave. Pulled out the XXX Fresco set up from Razorock and it was a heck of a shave. 2 passes, a brief touch up on the chin and it was over. Astoundingly I found that the TFC felt smoother at the 6 setting. Of course there was noticeably more blade feel but, I felt no drag of any kind nor the feel that it would bite as long as I maintained some focus. No irritation, nics, cuts nor a single weeper. BBS finish from face to neck with that smooth almost rubbery face feel. Best shave by far of the 4 to date. This razor brings it gents and I haven’t much to complain about yet.

Great shaves to all….

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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
Good shave was had this evening. Went on setting 5 and finished on 4 for a real nice 2 pass shave. A Gillette 7 O’Clock Green was used and it really paired nicely with the TFC Brass. For me I believe the chrome version offers more blade feel, a wider range and a smoother ride. But, still the Yaqi TFC Brass is no slouch in the cutting department and it feels of much better quality because it is. It does have some shortcomings such as numbers on the setting dial could have been painted with black enamel and the indicator dot could have used a nice speck of red for visual appeal and identification. The handle though not bad nor slippery feeling would have been better with true knurling in my humble opinion. In reality though, it’s much better than above average in overall performance. Price is debatable and can be argued for or against on its price point until the cows come home. It’s more than capable in terms of taking on multiple days of heavy whisker growth in the upper setting range and still easy enough on it’s lowest setting to be a smooth and easy daily driver. A solid, solid razor from Yaqi.

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It's sharp and it cuts. I like it...
Northeast, USA
First shave this year with the Yaqi Brass TFC. Installed a fresh Bic Chrome Platinum and just a smooth yet efficient shave in 2.5 passes (WTG, ATG passes & buff work on the chin and Sir Adam area). Very good weight and feel though not as balanced as I would like it to be but, it gets it done. I haven’t checked recently on what these razors are going for nowadays (if available which they were not too far back) but, when I purchased this one for $120 US it was and is completely worth it. I know, there are many who complain that it’s a Chinese made razor and the detractors will find anything negative to say and spew rhetoric over it. It’s just an opinion (though quite a few that complain over the Yaqi Brass have never had or shaved with one) and all are entitled to an extent.

Personally, it’s a good razor that has for me, exceeded the quality and performance expectations of most razor products that come from China. I give credit where credit is due, they did their homework on this one.

Great day and shaves to all….

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I just got one recently and must agree it's a fantastic razor and a great buy.

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Ali express has them on sale right now in the yaqi store if anyone is interested in this amazing razor. Only a few days left I believe.
[Image: 029smhH.jpg]

If Yaqi is listening. You have a home run with all of your Final cut razors but if you want a grand slam give us titanium with good knurling like the chromed razor and length of the brass razor. Then you have a perfect adjustable razor. It's gotta happen ?

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