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Sydney, Australia.
The place I usually buy it from hasn’t had it in stock for quite a while and it seems to be out of stock everywhere else. Has it been discontinued for good, I wonder? First it was I Coloniali, now XPEC? What next, MWF, Tabac, SMN, MDC?

Knoxville, TN
Rumors/posts say that possibly it is being re-formulated. I haven't found any other information about it..

I have a couple of tubs of the unscented and am glad that I stocked up on I Coloniali when I did.

Cheers, Steve

Posting Freak
Peachtree City, GA
If anybody wants a tub have one 90%+ will sell at good price
If anyone wants the older version, I can sell an unused tub.

Posting Freak
Peachtree City, GA
Mine is unscented fyi

Northern NJ
I’ve moved on from XPEC and wasn’t aware it is not being offered anymore. The Unscented was a staple in my den and had amazing performance. So many options to choose from these days but if I knew it was going to be discontinued I may have not sold my last pot.

West Coast USA
What would this be cream be similar to? I've heard Castle Forbes, so I assume it is rather dense?

Northern NJ
Both scented and unscented in stock at Connaugt as of yesterday. Not sure if this is yet a new formulation or just remaining old stock of the most recent formulation.

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